Anthologies 05-07 Bundle (Digital .pdfs)


This digital bundle collects anthologies 5-7 and includes 180 pages of creator-owned indie glory from the early days of Oneshi Press in all their DIGITAL glory!

Featuring short comics and art from: Lynsey G, Jayel Draco, Miguel Colón, Pink Pitcher, Jason Hart, Teemu Juhani, Erica Schultz, Emily Swan, JSquared, Charley Macorn, Lucas Peverill, Kevin Sheely, Jacey Chase, Conor Hughes, Brendan Rowe, John Amor, Erica Cotten, Benet Simon, Sean Bova, Marika Brousianou, Kael McDonald, Grivante, Kyle Lawrence, Bo Christian, Mac Radwanski, Diana Camero. and more!

The Anthologies 05-07 Bundle is also available in paperback!


OPCA #05 (Digital .PDF)

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #05

60 pages. 4 x 4-page comics, 5 x 8-page comics, 3 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

Welcome to Oneshi Press Anthology #05, where short comics and art from over a dozen indie creators reveal layers of meaning, nuance, and astonishing beauty.


OPCA #06 (Digital .PDF)

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #06

60 pages. 6 x 8-page comics, 5 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

We’re inviting you into the gorgeous, progressive, immersive pages of Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #06, where you’ll explore tales of the weird, the wild—and the chilling.


OPCA #07 (Digital .PDF)

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #07

60 pages. 6 x eight-page comics, 10 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

Nothing in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #07 is what it seems! Let these short comics and guest art pieces infiltrate your mind as you leave your expectations behind.



This bundle includes 3 digital comics anthologies:

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #05

The last four pages of Tract Queen V1 unfold before the extra-short comic “Maroon” warps space, time, and art. “Gabrielle” peers into a typical morning for a woman who looks right through the people around her. The fourth installment of Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel plumbs the depths of a post-apocalyptic world. Strikeforce Dracula pits vampires and humans against intergalactic evil. A trip to the video store reveals that one should never judge a DVD by its cover in “Kit and Kat Got Bats for Brains Presents: Visceral Video.” And Officer James MacHaggert weighs the rights of the innocent against the forces of evil…and decides where he fits in.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #06

Tracy Queen makes a horrible discovery and kicks ass to fix it. Then, enjoy a day in the life of Hank Thatcher, whose job at Metropolitan Wildlife Control is much hotter than you’d imagine! Roam through a vast mortuary with a strange individual who’s looking for a creepy kind of peace in “Victoria.” A supervillain’s nefarious master plan goes hilariously awry in “Practice Makes Perfect.” Come face-to-face with a beautiful but terrifying river monster in “Evening Walk.” The brutal justice of Patience and the dogs of virtue will leave you shivering.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #07

In V2.2 of the graphic novel, Tracy Queen rescues the innocent and takes out the trash…while planning world domination! Meet a homeowner with an undead pest problem in The Zee Brothers, Zombie Exterminators: Mini Comic Part 1. Next, wince along with Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel as the big blue mutant toys with his captors…even as they try in vain to break him. And just try not to “Crumple,” when you grasp the truth of this sci-fi adventure. Check your ick factor at the door for “Guts”—but bring your respect for kitty killer instincts! Finally, visit the lush fantasy universe of Children of Gaia, where two fae scouts outrun invaders in time to find “Refuge.”

The Anthologies 05-07 Bundle is also available in paperback!


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