OPCA #05 (Digital .PDF)


Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #05

60 pages. 4 x 4-page comics, 5 x 8-page comics, 3 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

Welcome to Oneshi Press Anthology #05, where short comics and art from over a dozen indie creators reveal layers of meaning, nuance, and astonishing beauty.


Witness the final form of Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s feminist hero, Tracy Queen, as the last four pages of Volume 1 of her graphic novel unfold. Then, dive into the extra-short comic “Maroon” from Jason Hart and Teemu Juhani, where space, time, and art demand a deeper look. In “Gabrielle,” by Erica Schultz and Emily Swan, peer into a typical morning for a woman who looks right through the people around her—and who has more layers than any of them. Next, in the fourth installment of Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel by Miguel Colón, plumb the depths of our mohawked hero’s post-apocalyptic world. Join the soldiers of Strikeforce Dracula in a complex tale that pits vampires and humans against intergalactic evil, as imagined by Charley Macorn and Lucas Peverill. A trip to the video store reveals that one should never judge a DVD by its cover in “Kit and Kat Got Bats for Brains Presents: Visceral Video” by “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely. Finally, peer into the ongoing story of the PACK, told by Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco, as Officer James MacHaggert weighs the rights of the innocent against the forces of evil…and decides where he fits in.

With gorgeously layered cover art by James Groeling; a wonderful watercolor introduction by Pink Pitcher; guest art from ShaydenSketches; artist spotlights on Jacey Chase and James Groeling; lettering from Cardinal Rae and JSquared; coloring by Desiree King; and flats by Flattsquat—Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #05 will immerse you in rich, complex worlds and leave you gasping for more.

This 60-page, full-color anthology is also available in print.


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