K.F. Kat Fish’s How to Draw Tracy Queen: The Zine (Paperback)


12 pages, black-and-white.

Packed full of delightful imagery and the wise-cracking humor of K.F. Kat Fish, this instructional zine teaches you how to draw Tracy Queen, the love warrior!

also available as a digital pdf


Everyone loves looking at Oneshi Press’s greatest love warrior, Tracy Queen! But have you ever wondered how to draw her?

Join our wise-cracking, lifelong-learning mascot, K.F. Kat Fish, as he takes you through Tracy’s distinctive style, body, and facial expressions, as well as her BFF Nikola the raccoon and her army of cyborg-clones! He even covers her nefarious enemies Dickie Doublefinger, Natasha Blue, and Grandfather!

Packed full of delightful imagery and humor, this instructional 12-page black-and-white zine was written and illustrated by Jayel Draco, the artist behind the Tracy Queen comic book series.

also available as a digital pdf

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