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Children of Gaia: The Ra’Avadhi 

In this 8-page comic from the Children of Gaia universe, the empire that unites Terra was hard won on the backs of massive, powerful drakes. See how it began in “Children of Gaia: The Ra’Avadhi,” written and illustrated by Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco.

“COG: The Ra’Avadhi” was originally published as part of  Oneshi Press Anthology #10, and may be featured in future COG collected works.


“They came to you as a frightened people fleeing slavery and fire by sea. The tides were not gentle with them, those who survived thought they’d found paradise when they reached Ra’Avadh…until they discovered the giant, ferocious reptiles nesting there. Driven into hiding for generations, they cowered in fear until one man found the courage and ingenuity to lead them out. But even with his leadership, they could not have tamed the drakes without the help of someone older, wiser, and far more powerful. Someone like you. You helped them find their way to dominion over Ra’Avadh, then away from a war that would have destroyed them. Truly, you have been a benevolent guide. But your time has come to an end, old friend. Now, the age of the Empire has begun…”

Children of Gaia is a vast series; the backdrop for an ongoing epic, told across multiple stories in a wide variety of media. Works in progress include art books, illustrated novels, comics, TTRPGs, and many others.

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2 reviews for COG: Ra’Avadhi (Digital .PDF)

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