Patreon Page Launched!

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Oneshi Press is jubilant over announcing the launch of its Patreon page! Via the page, supporters of our beautiful, complex, immersive worlds can contribute to the cause of bringing them to life by pledging any dollar amount per month in exchange for a variety of great rewards. The support of patrons enables us to actually produce finished pages of work on each of our three current projects, which we will gleefully send out into the world as they are produced. That means that Tracy Queen, The Great Nations of Rendaraia, and PACK will be published faster as more patronage rolls in!

We can’t wait to send you some fabulous rewards when you subscribe (think exclusive high-rez art, letters from characters, cameo appearances in books, and lots more)! Go find out which ones you’d like to claim and join the growing Oneshi Press team! Follow us, support us, like us, share us—whatever you can do to contribute to our cause, know that we appreciate your help! For those who have supported us already, you have our eternal gratitude… and soon you’ll have your rewards, too!

Get all the details at https://www.patreon.com/oneshipress.

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