We Did It! “War & Horses” Is Fully Funded!

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We made it! After a month of fund-raising, War & Horses—our second full-length Children of Gaia illustrated novel—is fully funded! The Kickstarter campaign ended on Tuesday as we live-streamed a countdown to a live audience on Twitch. And we are so thankful!

What’s Next

The book is nearly complete, with all illustrations, writing, and editing finished. So now that we’re funded, we’ll begin the process of laying out the book for printing, ordering the necessary rewards for our Kickstarter and Patreon supporters…and publishing this fantasy western!

We hope to have War & Horses out to our wonderful subscribers and amazing backers by the end of this year. Then we’ll make it available to the general public in early 2020.

Thank You!

We can’t possibly thank you all enough for your support on this unique project…but we’ll try! Keep your eyes on our blog and on the Children of Gaia website, our Patreon page, and the Kickstarter page itself for updates on our progress.

We know War & Horses is different, and sometimes different can be unsettling. So we really appreciate our fans’ and followers’ willingness to go along on a new journey with us. War & Horses will introduce readers to a far-flung part of the Children of Gaia fantasy universe.

Here, dust and guns and grit mingle with a hunger for power that we haven’t seen in other COG books. It’s going to be amazing. And very, very different. And you helped us get it funded! Thank you so much!

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