Lynsey G. Interviewed by Comic Book and Movie Reviews!

The awesome geek culture website Comic Book and Movie Reviews just interviewed our co-founder, Lynsey G! In the interview with CBMR editor David, Lynsey talked about how Oneshi Press came to be. She also elaborated on some of the projects she’s spearheaded, her history as an adult entertainment journalist, Oneshi Press’s theme song (hint: “Space: the final frontier”), motto, and greatest hero, among other things.

A taste of the interview:

Our tagline, which is sort of also our motto, is: “We build worlds…You’re invited.” We believe that stories are best told when their worlds are richly imagined and lavishly illustrated, so we spend a lot of time on world-building before we release anything. Also, what’s the point of making a gigantic, beautiful universe, unless you invite others along for the adventure?

Read the rest of the interview at Comic Book and Movie Reviews! And nab a rad Oneshi Press T-shirt from their store to help promote this community-building website!

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