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A new podcast!

The Oneshi Press team (co-founders Jayel Draco and Lynsey G) are featured on this week’s episode of “Adrian Has Issues,” a weekly pop culture podcast! Fan extraordinaire Adrian King conducts candid interviews with comic book creators, musicians, filmmakers, and more.

We spent over an hour talking to Adrian about how Oneshi Press came to be and how we’re building community in the indie publishing world. We chatted about our plans for making gorgeous books and our commitment to progressiveness in all we do. And we spent some time on the creative process behind the massive sci-fi/fantasy series, Children of Gaia. And we discussed how we are definitely not vampires. Absolutely, totally not. You can’t hear vampires on podcasts! Right?

Anyway, we also discussed our first book, the illustrated fantasy novel The Great Nations of Rendaraia. (You can purchase it now from us or on Amazon!) And naturally, we mentioned the launch party and art show we’re throwing this Friday in Missoula, Montana, to celebrate the release of our first book!  (We hope to live-stream the event on Jayel’s Twitch channel, if all goes well!)

Listen now!

We had a ton of fun recording this podcast with Adrian, and we hope you’ll enjoy it! You can stream the podcast now at the Adrian Has Issues website, or find it on your favorite podcast platform!

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