Feature Article on Oneshi Press in the Missoulian!

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Feature Article in the Missoulian!

Oneshi Press co-founders Jayel Draco and Lynsey G. talked with Cory Walsh, the arts and entertainment editor of The Missoulian newspaper. As a result, a feature article about Oneshi Press is online today and will be printed in tomorrow’s paper!

We told Cory about the world-building process and the core development group behind the Children of Gaia series. Naturally, we also talked about our first book, The Great Nations of Rendaraia, and how it’s launching the Children of Gaia series. We detailed how we started Oneshi Press in New York City and then moved to Missoula to pursue our dreams. And we waxed philosophical about our community-building efforts on Patreon and in the indie world. And we dove into our numerous other projects, too—their progressive ideals, their own unique worlds, and more.

Of course, we mentioned the party we’re throwing to celebrate it all on Friday! Can’t wait to see you all there in person or watching on Twitch!

A nibble of the article:

Science fiction and fantasy epics are exercises in world-building…That’s what Jayel Draco and his collaborators are doing with “The Great Nations of Rendaraia,” an art book that catalogs the people and culture of an intricate world, only to see its civilizations topple one by one.

Read the rest of the feature article now!

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