High fives! We’re 25% Funded! Plus, Add-Ons!

tracy queen nikola high five oneshi press

High fives! Tracy Queen, Volume 1 is 25% funded! With the support of nearly a hundred amazing backers (wow!), we’re well on our way to making the hands-down coolest Kickstarter in the universe a success!

To celebrate, we’re announcing ADD-ONS! Now, when you back Tracy Queen, Volume 1, you can opt to add a few extra goodies to your pledge at checkout! We’ve got all kinds of goodies: You can nab some of the prints, stickers, and comics available at higher tiers  for a song when you check out. We’re even offering à la carte hand-drawn character sketches (your choice of character!), cameo appearances in future volumes, and original penciled pages from Volume 1!

tracy queen kickstarter add-ons oneshi press

But here’s the catch…In order for us to send you any of those add-ons, or even the rewards you signed up for…We still need to get the rest of this baby funded! So we’re inviting all our backers, followers, and anybody else to SHARE this campaign! When you use the hashtag #tracyqueeniscoming on social media, we’ll see it, and we’ll make sure to say THANKS in a big way!

You’re all amazing! Thank you times a zillion for your support! High fives!

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