Behold! The Tracy Queen Kickstarter Video!

Happy Halloween! Just in time for the holiday, it has arrived! Behold! A video for our Kickstarter campaign to fund Volume 1 of our epic sex-positive graphic novel, Tracy Queen!

The video stars writer Lynsey G., illustrator Jayel Draco, and our super-duper-awesome fan, friend, and supporter, DeusNova! It’s got super-slick animation by Jayel Draco, gorgeous art by the same genius, sleazy-perfect music by Jack Schell, and all the details about the book. Watch below, or at the Kickstarter page! And no matter where you watch, share it!

We’d love it if you could share this video with your friends, followers, fans, family, and literally anybody else you possibly can! The more folks who see this, the more likely we are to get funded. And remember, if you post it on social media, link to the Kickstarter campaign and use the hashtag #tracyqueeniscoming, so we’ll see it and be able to say THANKS for helping out!

PS – The Kickstarter reached 20% funded today! To celebrate, we unleashed 3 awesome last-minute costume ideas, inspired by Tracy Queen! Want to know how to be Tracy Queen, one of Grandfather’s goons, or Nikola the raccoon for Halloween? Behold the full scoop in our latest Kickstarter update!

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