An Interview with Comics Writer Ryan Haack

Dispose cover page by Ryan Haack

Ryan Haack is the writer of “Dispose,” a 4-page sci-fi comic illustrated by Diego Vidal, which appeared in the fourth Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology. We chatted with Ryan about his trash, his heroes, and his other projects.

Why and how did you start writing comics?

Ryan HaackI started writing comics about five years ago. I specifically remember reading some of DC’s New 52 books, especially Scott Snyder’s Batman and Kyle Higgin’s Nightwing, and really being interested in writing comics. Something about them grabbed onto me like nothing else in my life. Writing was never in my plan at that age. I loved stories, but I never wrote my own until I gave it a shot. I’d always thought I’d be a teacher or a banker, but one day this passion just hit me. I said to myself, “I can imagine myself doing this,” and I just went for it.

How did you learn how to write them?

The New 52 trades sometimes included sample scripts from writers. I used to use their templates as a means of writing my own script, and then I formulated my own means. I think the most useful way of approaching writing comic scripts is to think of them as an invitation to collaborate. They aren’t like screenplays or plays, but more about rough ideas and collaboration and conversations between artist and writer.

pencilled page ryan haack
Illustration by Przemyslaw Dedelis.

Who are your writing heroes? Writers, artists, or others who inspire you?

Grant Morrison, Ed Brubaker, Dan Slott, Chris Claremont are some of my favorite comic book writers, because they aren’t afraid of taking chances and pushing what comics can do. Ts medium. In terms of artists, I think Olivier Coipel, Frank Quitely and Chris Burnham are consistently interesting and evolving, which inspires me. There are so many people working in comics that inspire me to tell the best stories I can.

What’s your favorite comic-book-based movie? TV series?

Spider-Man 2 is my favorite comic-based movie.

Who’s your favorite comic book hero? Villain? Morally ambiguous anti-hero?

The Fantastic Four are the best heroes, and Dr. Doom is the best villain!

Love pg 1 Ryan Haack
“Love Cops” page, written by Ryan Haack and illustrated by Milton Aguiar

We published your piece, “Dispose” in our 4th anthology. Tell us where the idea for that came from.

I just had this thought about how to get rid of stuff. When I was writing “Dispose,” I was doing summer cleaning, and I had this overwhelming feeling of “where does all this stuff go?” and “where can this go?” It’s a scary feeling to have. You feel guilty for having bought objects that you want to throw away, and guilty for wanting to get rid of them. The story came out of that trap-like thinking. “I know, I’ll throw it in a black hole.”

What’s important to you in a comic book, as a reader? As a writer?

I think good comics should bring up interesting ideas that need to be visualized. Show me something I’ve never seen. Tell me a story I want to hear over and over again. That kind of stuff.

Any new projects coming up?

Yes! I’m working on a story with fellow Oneshi Press contributor Tom Barton!

Where can readers find you online?

My website is https://rmhaack.wixsite.com/ryan-haack


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