Meet Kameron, Oneshi Press’s Social Media Intern

Kameron Fekete joined the Oneshi Press team this semester as a social media intern, although the title we prefer to call him at work is “Scorpion, Destroyer of Worlds,” since he’s destroying his duties on Facebook and Instagram

We sat down with Kameron to talk about what inspires him, how he found Oneshi Press, and where he’s headed next.

How did you get here, Kameron?

I am finishing up my sophomore year here at the University of Montana. I am a journalism major with a double minor in film studies and creative writing. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan, and my family and I moved to Belgrade, Montana around seven years ago.

What was your process behind journalism as a major and your minors?

I actually started off as a creative writing major, because I’ve written all my life. I won some awards. And I’ve always had success with writing. And I just really like film. Passion-wise, I want to be a film critic.

But I  realized that creative writing is just a hobby, and I didn’t view it as a career for me. And so I took a couple journalism classes that would fulfill gen eds for creative writing, and I ended up loving it. Something clicked.

The reason why I write is because—and you can ask my parents—I’ve always asked questions for everything. Growing up, like, “Why do I have to sit in a pew five days a week and believe all of that stuff?” “So, like, 90% of the ocean is unexplored. So what actually is out there?” “Do aliens actually exist?”

There’s so much out there. And that’s why I write, because writing helps answer those questions, whether it be fiction or not. Everyone has a story to tell. And so I think you answer those questions one story at a time. And journalism is providing me with a way to ask the questions that matter.

How did you find out about this internship?

I was browsing internships, and wasn’t even thinking about it. It was just for fun. Because every college student should go through a couple internships, because that honestly helps their experience and growth as an individual.

And I saw the internship for Oneshi Press, and I was like, “What? No way!” I just thought it was the coolest thing, because I have always been a comic book dork. And my parents can attest to it. But also, it was applicable to what I want to do with my journalism and my writing.

How’s it going so far?

I’m really learning a lot. More than I could have thought about starting off this internship. I didn’t know what I was getting into being a social media intern. A lot of people have said to me, “Oh, you just post on their social media page? That’s really easy.”

But actually, no, a lot more goes into it than you think! You have to think about what the business wants. What their story is. If they have individual projects that they’re working on. How you cater to specific audiences. How to tell their story with journalism. Social media is a form of journalism.

It’s about the big picture. It’s been really interesting seeing that, for example, these people like this project, and these people like this project. So how can I cater to these specific stories, and what are the strengths that define the story? I’m still definitely learning, for sure. Some ideas can work, some ideas don’t work, so it’s an interesting part of finding out what story you want to tell, and helping to tell that story.

What’s your favorite comic book character?

I honestly don’t have a favorite comic book character. I’ve always been fascinated with Gotham, and Batman’s world. I think it’s everything that I like in writing!

I don’t like clichés. Don’t give me an immortal superhero that’s invincible and has to battle his inner demons and gets kidnapped every episode. You know, the cliché stuff. Obviously, Batman fits a lot of those clichés, but it’s a lot more than that. The supervillains, and even the allies, all present a different aspect of a flawed society, and they present all aspects of mental illness, and what’s wrong with the government. Corrupt governments, corrupt societies, the wealthy taking from the poor. It basically deals with all the issues of why I want to be a journalist.

What’s your favorite Oneshi Press story?

Definitely going similar to the Batman aspect, I really like PACK. I love the art for Children of Gaia. And Tracy is really funny. So I enjoy everything. But PACK definitely caters towards my likes, personally.

I think if I would have just read it like a normal comic book—like, “Oh, he’s a vigilante. Basically exposing the corrupt government and defeating bad guys”—I would have not even looked at it. But this breaks all the norms. It’s totally new and it’s fresh and it’s unexpected. And it’s so odd and bizarre, but it still draws me in. It’s just something new.

What are you doing for spring break?

I’m taking my first solo trip ever, and spending the entirety of spring break—so seven days—in Seattle by myself. I’m terrified. For me as a person, I like to learn and grow by putting myself into different situations. Especially with the internship, I was like, “I don’t have any experience, but I’m only going to learn by learning.”

Plus, this semester, being in the journalism program now, I’m finding that I’m really loving photography. And my mom had given me her camera! So I had the funds and I was like, “I’m gonna do it. It’s going to be terrifying, but it’ll be worth it because I’ll come out of the trip a different person.”

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