Oneshi Press Anthology #05 Now Available at ComiXology

Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #05 ComiXology digital ebook

OPQA #05 Now Available at ComiXology

Digital comics fans, rejoice! Now you can purchase an electronic version of our latest comics anthology, featuring 8 short comics and guest art from 18 indie creators, at the world’s largest digital comics retailer: ComiXology!

It’s been just over two weeks since we released Oneshi Press Anthology #05 in paperback. And now we’re pleased to announce that the electronic version is out! Immerse yourself in 60 pages of gorgeous, progressive, immersive comics from an international coalition of intersectional creators, all for just $2.99!

OPQA #05 features vampires, aliens, angels, humans, dogs, raccoons, faeries, time travelers, spies, video store customers, Satanists, cyborgs, porn stars, vigilantes, mutants, and more. So come explore! Grab your digital copy now at ComiXology!

Want more indie comics? Our previous four anthologies are also available at our ComiXology shop!

Or Get It in Print!

If print comics are more your style, you’re in luck! We have copies of our trade paperback version of OPQA #05 available, as well. You can also score copies of our previous four anthologies, with indie comics and art from amazing, international, intersectional creators at the Oneshi Press store! You can even nab fresh Oneshi Press merch like shirts, phone cases, bags, and more.

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