COVER REVEAL: “Tracy Queen, Volume 1” art by stevieraedrawn

tracy queen volume 1 cover reveal oneshi press stevieraedrawn

Tracy Queen is an epic story about self-discovery, personal empowerment, sexual exploration, scientific genius, animal welfare, and cyborg-on-porn-star violence. It’s massive, unconventional, and sprawling. But it all starts with an unhappy twentysomething woman all alone in her Brooklyn home with just her hookah and her sword for company.

So that’s where digital artist stevieraedrawn began with the cover of Tracy Queen, Volume 1! We’re revealing it in full for the first time today, just before this gorgeous, 60-page, perfect-bound volume goes up for sale at the Oneshi Press store! And, to be perfectly frank, we are kind of deeply, hopelessly, utterly in love with it.

Check out this lovely rose-and-purple color palette! Drink in the soft lighting and subtle-but-telling shadows! Comb the background for details (we’re particularly fond of the wall art of an oxytocin molecule). And relish the utter badassery of Tracy herself, standing with sword in hand, ready to meet whatever challenge is coming her way. She looks beautiful, capable, and determined—which is exactly what she is.

This cover evokes wonder and begs the viewer to find out more. Who is this woman? Why is she about to get into a sword fight in her home? What’s happening?

Well, Tracy Queen, Volume 1 is out now in trade paperback! Find out with your own copy!

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