It’s Here! “Tracy Queen, Volume 1” Is Out Now!

tracy queen volume 1 square cover logo oneshi press

The day we’ve worked toward ever since we started Oneshi Press has finally arrived! After seven years of development, writing, drawing, lettering, and planning, the first volume of the sweeping, sex-positive graphic novel, Tracy Queen, is here at last!

The epic journey of our favorite sex-positive hero Tracy Queen, starts with Tracy Queen, Volume 1. Here, our hero begins her transformation from repressed criminal to empowered love warrior! Tracy’s story begins with a chance encounter with a talking a raccoon in a narcotics warehouse…and ends with a massive battle pitting cyborgs against p*rn stars! You’ll see glimpses of both in this first volume. And lots more!

This 60-page, perfect-bound trade paperback issue of the eight-part series is out now from Oneshi Press! The book features writing by Oneshi Press co-founder Lynsey G., illustrations by Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco, lettering by Cardinal Rae. Plus extras like chapter cover illustrations, a thank-you page dedicated to the Kickstarter backers…and more sex-positive messaging than you can shake a stick at!

It’s available in a super limited-edition print run exclusively from Oneshi Press, so nab your copy before supplies run out!

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