LIVE this Wednesday, a Special Patron Q&A with Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press cofounders team for Wednesday's Q&A
Co-founders Lynsey G and Jayel Draco

A Very Special Live Q&A

Get ready for a super-duper extra-special night in the Oneshi Press Twitch community on Wednesday, May 2! Starting at 5:00 p.m. MDT (7:00 Eastern, 4:00 Pacific) the Oneshi Press co-founders Jayel Draco & Lynsey G will host a LIVE Q&A!

Our new HERO-level patron, Jessica Williams, requested a special Q&A session on Twitch as a personalized reward for her generous patronage. Naturally, the Oneshi team is happy to oblige. We’ll range over topics as varied as our personal histories, our inspirations, our projects, our creative processes, and much more!

Ask Us Anything

Want to know more about Tracy Queen‘s epic, sex-positive journey? Dying to learn about Patience, the stray man who runs with the PACK? Have burning questions about the vast fantasy universe of Children of Gaia? We’ve got you covered. You’re welcome to ask your own questions, get to know the community, and learn all about the Oneshi Press team. Sign in to Twitch starting at 5:00 p.m. MDT on Wednesday, May 2 to join in the live chat.

chalithor the cat oneshi press mascot Q&A
Chalithor, the Oneshi Press mascot

We’re pretty sure that the press’s mascot, Chalithor the tabby cat, will make an appearance, too. He has some pretty strong opinions about the dogs of the PACK, in particular. And pretzels.

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