Celebrate Pride with Oneshi Press—and 10% Off!

Oneshi Press Celebrates Pride!

Happy Pride Month, readers! At Oneshi Press, we are proud—no, joyous—no, ecstatic to celebrate the hard-won victories of the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe that love is a beautiful part of the human experience, and we advocate for the rights of all people to express it consensually, joyfully, and safely. That means without interference, without fear, and without violence against those who express it. We believe that humanity is most beautiful and healthy when it embraces diversity, especially in the expression of gender, sexuality, and practice. We’re a queer company with queer ideals and queer books, and we couldn’t be prouder.

And Publishes Proudly!

We strive to publish books, comics, graphic novels, and more that represent the rich tapestry of humanity. Uplifting marginalized voices and telling stories from LGBTQIA+ perspectives has been a part of our mission from the beginning; the protagonist and narrator in the very first book we published is gay! Tracy Queen‘s graphic novel is all about her exploration of her own sexuality and the dawning realization that she’s not even remotely straight. Our upcoming anthology features several short comics from queer creators and featuring LGBTQIA+ characters. And we have so much more on the way!

So We’re Having a Pride Sale!

In celebration of Pride Month—and in recognition of the world-changing work that the LGBTQIA+ community has long done for our world—we’re offering 10% off everything in our online store through the month of June! Just use coupon code PRIDE10 at checkout when you purchase comics, books, art, merch, or anything else.

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