A Sneak Peek Inside Our 8th Comics Anthology!

It’s just over a month until the launch of our eighth comics anthology! Oneshi Press Anthology #08 will be our first semiannual, 120-page, perfect-bound, trade paperback collection of indie comics. And it is going to be awesome. Naturally, we’re getting really, really, really, ridiculously excited about it. So we’re super, super, super-duper psyched to share a sneak peek into its pages!

Sneak Peeks into Oneshi Press Anthology #08

The book will be clad in raiment befitting only the finest of creator-owned indie comics collections, with a full-color cover by the amazing James Groeling! Next, a two-page introductory comic from PJ the Villain will provide a guided tour through what’s to come. Then we’ll launch right into the collection with Tracy Queen, Volume 2.3, as written by Lynsey G. and illustrated by Jayel Draco. Here, we’ll finally learn the backstory of everybody’s favorite talking raccoon and electronics genius, Nikola.

sneak peek tracy queen v2.2 page 4 panel 2 lynsey g jayel draco anthology #08

After that, we’ll enter the world of high-school student Finn, who also happens to be a defender of the universe. Finn’s parents want her to go on a mission to save the world again, but all Finn wants is to get to band practice in this eight-page comic from Kevin Sheely and Desiree King.

sneak peek finn page 6 panel 2 kevin sheely anthology #08

Then it’s on to the next six pages of the Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators, finishing up the mini comic by Grivante, Samir Simão, and Brent Sterling. Whatever happened to that zombie omelet, anyway?

sneak peek zee brothers mini comic page 7 panel 2 grivante samir simao anthology #08

We’ll then take a meditative journey through the liminal space of “Far Away,” a beautiful short comic about dissociation and identity by the astonishingly talented Jacey Chase.

sneak peek far away page 6 panel 1 jacey chase anthology 08

Next, “My Giant, Strange Friend” by AJ O. Mason and Luca Cicognola explores the depths of childhood trauma and the ways that our minds can help us heal—along with a little help from our friends, real or imaginary.

sneak peek my giant strange friend luca cicognola aj o. mason page 8 panel 3 anthology #08

We won’t skip a beat as we switch into the weird, wacky, wild world of Mr. Guy, Zombie Hunter! This short comic by Jayel Draco will see our hero Mr. Guy—and his infected zombie arm’s ghost Spooky—try to cure zombieism to save his own skin! Here’s a sneak peek!

sneak peek mr. guy page 1 panel 4 jayel draco anthology #08

The collection continues with “Detour,” a queer, polyamorous take on high fantasy adventure! The first eight pages of this sweet and beautiful story from Allison Bannister and Tom O’Brien will leave you with a smile… And a desperate need to find out what happens next…

sneak peek Detour Page 4 Panel 3 by Tom O'Brien and Allison Bannister Anthology #08

Then, pivot into the dark and gloomy “Ziegler Box, Part 1” from Chaka Brown Freeman, Vicente Alcazar, Greg Gallagher, and Nouri Zander. An introduction to a world where addicts are hooked on more than you think…

sneak peek ziegler box chaka freeman vicente alcazar nour zander page 5 panel 4 anthology #08

Next, a Children of Gaia original short comic from Peter Lampasona and D.L. Johnson! “Carrying Iron” whisks readers off to Terra, where intrigue, weapons, and jazz make eight pages of high fantasy tension.

Then, an Oneshi Press first! A devastating poem by Jenny Williamson paired with art by Libby Bacon create the sequential art short, “Lungs and the Ghosts of Lungs”!

sneak peek lungs and the ghosts of lungs page 4 panel 1 libby bacon jenny williamson anthology #08

“A Tale of Good Intentions,” by Patricia Loupee and Amy Hay subverts the idea of superheroes saving the day with a hard look at how their heroism can go terribly wrong.

sneak peek A Tale of Good Intentions Page 2 Panel 2 Patricia Loupee Amy Hay Anthology #08

Then, we’re delighted to host the launch of Quantum, an ongoing series from Lenny Peppers and James Mason. In the first installment, a young indigenous hero must use her new superpowers to find her sister… But first she has to learn how they work.

Finally, we’ll peek back in at the PACK with the first installment of PACK #3: Temperance by Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco. Here, we’ll begin to explore the story of Temperance, the Great Dane with a mysterious implant on his head.

sneak peek pack 3.1 page 3 panel 4 jayel draco lynsey g anthology #08

After this sneak peek, tell us honestly. Can you even deal with all the amazing content we’re packing into this anthology? We can’t! The sheer amount of talent, hard work, and inspiration that this book is going to comprise absolutely floors us. And we’re SO excited to release it in July! Stay tuned for more news about the anthology!

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