Mr. Guy & the Origins Anthology Are ALIVE!

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 10 coming to kickstarter July 1st - 31st

After months of preparation in our mad-science/indie-publishing lab, the Kickstarter to fund Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the Origins Anthology is finally ALIVE! It launched today, and will continue all month long, wrapping up on July 31!

Over the next 31 days, we hope to raise the funds needed for two comics collections:

  1. The first issue of Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter—a slapstick deconstruction of zombie horror written by Jayel Draco and illustrated in turns by Jayel Draco, Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, and Jacey Chase.
  2. The 10th Oneshi Press Comics Anthology—Origins! This amazing collection features 14 short comics and art from over two dozen indie creators from diverse backgrounds all over the world!

We’ve already successfully funded five Kickstarters, so this time, we’re going big. With two books and so many creators involved, we’re looking to raise $10K in one month. With such a big goal, we need to have a massive first day. That’s where you, our amazing supporters, come in! Let’s take this from barely alive to an out-of-control juggernaut, shall we?

Here’s how to help this Kickstarter come alive:

  1. Of course, we love pledges. Every pledge, no matter how big or how small, means we’re that much closer to success. And we cherish each every one—with rewards! From digital comics and art to signed, printed books the whole way up to hand-sketched images from our creators and 3D-printed statues and sponsorship opportunities, we’ve got goodies for every budget. And, hey, look at that! It’s a special 1st-Day-Only rewards tier, which packs over $70 of retail value into a $35 pledge—that disappears after the 1st 24 hours of the campaign! Get over here, quick!
  2. But pledges aren’t the only way to help! You can also “Like” our posts about the campaign on social media, then share them with your circles! (Find us at @oneshipress on Twitter, Facebook, and Insta.)
  3. Comment on our posts on social media and here on the blog! More interaction any post anywhere gives our content a boost and helps more people see it!
  4. Share the Kickstarter link to your social media accounts, blog posts, Reddit threads, and anywhere else you can think of! What to say about it? Just tell people about Oneshi Press, about our comics, about our anthologies, and about the 30+ people whose work we’re funding with this campaign!
  5. Follow the campaign on Kickstarter! That shows Kickstarter that people are interested in the project and encourages them to show it to more people.

Any or all of the above steps will help us get more eyes on the campaign. By the time July is over, we hope your support will have turned this campaign from a barely alive zombie into a raging monster of indie creative success. So thanks in advance for giving us a boost. You’re the best!


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