Art for the Cause—Tracy Queen Supports Black Lives Matter

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You know who’s awesome? You. Also Tracy Queen. And especially the momentum that’s sweeping America right now—the movement that says enough is enough. Violence against black, brown, and indigenous bodies, committed by the people who are sworn to protect them and perpetuated by the racist systems they serve, must stop. Tracy Queen, our most outspoken and popular character, believes that Black lives matter, just like we do. Oneshi Press is committed to the cause.

Art for the Cause

So our co-founder and resident artist, Jayel Draco, created an image of Tracy to support the cause. She’s demanding justice, celebrating pride, and keeping herself and other protesters safe from disease transmission, all at once. It’s a gorgeous, painterly image that expresses the importance and excitement and seriousness of moment we’re living in.

But it’s also more than that: All proceeds from sales of this art print will be donated directly to the Black Lives Matter movement—from now until forever. We’ll start by donating to bail funds and legal support for protesters. Then, as the situation develops, we will donate proceeds directly to Black Lives Matter, Black Visions, and other organizations working to dismantle systemic racism in all its many forms.

Our Vow

At Oneshi Press, we understand and avow that Black lives matter, and that “mattering” is the bare minimum. We believe that the lives, experiences, and voices of people of color are vital, and that they are currently under attack, as they have been for half a millennium in this country.

Oneshi Press vows to continue donating to the causes of justice for people of color by raising funds through this art print above and through ongoing donations. We promise to deepen our commitment to justice by publishing and promoting the work of creators of color. And we vow to use our publications as platforms for marginalized voices to speak their truth. We further plan to work toward expanding our distribution and visibility in service to the creators whose work we publish. And we plan to redistribute any resources we gain back into the cause by paying our contributors fairly. We are commit ourselves to learning, listening, and amplifying the voices of those on the front lines of this fight from now until forever.

So, if you want to support the cause and nab some gorgeous art all at once, well. You know what to do. The print is now available from the Oneshi Press store in a variety of sizes! Grab yours now!

Author: Oneshi Press

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