Announcing the Origins Anthology Creator Lineup!

With the launch of the Kickstarter to fund Mr. Guy and the Origins anthology coming up in just 2 weeks, it’s time to show you what—and who—is inside both of these amazing projects. So, we’re starting with the lineup of extraordinary talent whose work will appear inside the tenth Oneshi Press comics anthology!

The Origins Anthology combines the work of over two dozen diverse creators from around the world, all telling tales of origins. When did the otherworldly invasion force begin? Where did that team of intergalactic explorers start out? How did the stars get up there? How does a superhero learn to use their new powers? Where the heck did that giant come from? All those questions and more seek answers in the Origins Anthology.

Here’s what’s coming…

Cover art by Sophia Murphy

oneshi press origins anthology cover art by sophia murphy

Coloring help from DeusNova42 and Thomas Mason

Intro Comic

Artwork pending from voopytimes!

Tracy Queen, V3.1

tracy queen v3.1 pillow raccoon sword jayel draco

The continuing epic of Tracy Queen sees Tracy seeking more in her adult film career…even as her frenemy starts a whole new journey. Written by Lynsey G, illustrated by Jayel Draco, lettered by Cardinal Rae, flat colors by DeusNova42.

Skull Planet

skull planet remnants attack patrick mcevoy olivia pelaez

In the far future, a chatty band of explorers encounters space vampires from deep in Earth’s past…with a thirst for pop-culture references! Story by Patrick McEvoy and art by Olivia Pelaez.

Lomack the Giant Warrior Angel, Part 6

lomack the giant warrior angel part 6 panel by miguel colón

When we return to the adventures of Lomack, where our favorite post-apocalyptic blue mutant is deep in the throes of recovery from wounds both physical and emotional. Story and art by Miguel Colón, lettered by Nikki Powers.

Thirst for Expansion

thirst for expansion gaston genser origins anthologyA vast, relentless, ravening horde travels the universe, devouring everything in its path in a cycle without beginning…but also without end. Created by Gaston Genser.

Quantum 1.2

quantum 1.2 lenny peppers james mason oneshi press origins anthology

Just when Melani Highwater thinks her world has ended with the disappearance of her sister, it turns out her life as a superhero is just beginning. Written and lettered by LaNada Peppers and illustrated by James Mason.


beanstalk john crowther jorge luis gabotto oneshi press origins anthology

Who’d have thought an avenging monster could also be the source of safety? Or that it might come from a bunch of beans? Written by John Crowther and illustrated by Jorge Luis Gabotto.

Twinkle, Skypainter

twinkle skypainter yukidogzombie jayel draco oneshi press origins anthology

One intrepid clown learns how to face the dark with the help of their friends and some starry-eyed inspiration! Created by yukidogzombie with writing from Jayel Draco and lettering from Cardinal Rae.


corollary Adam Rose Robert Ahmad DC Hopkins oneshi press origins anthology

Death for one twin means death for the other—until it doesn’t. Will one warrior’s triumphant tale of survival mean the origin of a new era for the galaxy? Written by Adam Rose, illustrated by Robert Ahmad, lettered by DC Hopkins.

Children of Gaia: The Ra’Avadhi

the ra'avadhi chris covelli jayel draco children of gaia oneshi press origins anthology

The great houses of Terra were established on the backs of the majestic—and dangerous—drakes. But where did that honorable tradition begin? Created as part of the Children of Gaia sci-fi-fantasy universe by Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco with lettering from Cardinal Rae.

Bloom Squad, Part 2

bloom squad part 2 james wayne johnson marcelo salaza oneshi press origins anthology

Ed the prize fighter has found safety in Montana after escaping a powerful psychic—but with mysterious forces out to find him, how long will can stay hidden? Written by James Wayne Johnson, illustrated and lettered by Marcelo Salaza.

The Tower Calls

the tower calls Reed Hinckley-Barnes Raymond Griffith oneshi press origins anthology

The end of one long journey through the galaxy becomes the start of an adventure of the flesh…and then of the mind. Written by Reed Hinckley-Barnes and illustrated by Raymond Griffith.

Ziegler Box, Part 3

ziegler box part 3 chaka brown freeman vicente alcázar greg gallagher nouri zander oneshi press origins anthology

Venture deeper into the shadows of a world where vampiric tendencies started somewhere unexpected…and thrive in a system built to prey upon the weak. Created by Chaka Brown Freeman, Vicente Alcázar, Greg Gallagher, and Nouri Zander.

Pack #3: Temperance, Part 3

pack 3.3 jayel draco lynsey g oneshi press origins anthology

The revelation of one vigilante dog’s origins further unites the PACK—while one man’s true colors begin to divide the force in the conclusion of PACK #3: Temperance. Written by Lynsey G, illustrated by Jayel Draco, lettered by Cardinal Rae, flat colors by Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba.

The Kickstarter to support this incredible compilation of short comics launches July 1! If you follow the project now, you’ll be notified the moment if goes live, and get a chance at 1st-day-only special rewards! 

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