Adrian King

Adrian King (He/They) is writer, podcaster, and voice-actor. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a hyperbolic time chamber, absorbing near-fatal doses of pop culture trivia and obscure song lyrics.

Ryan Claytor

Ryan Claytor (He/Him) Provided the stunning foreword for Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia 2nd Edition from Oneshi Press. He is the Coordinator of the Comic Art and


Yuki, AKA yukidogzombie, and Rosetta McBride (she/her/they/them) illustrated the intro for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3, Co-wrote and illustrated Twinkle Skypainter featured in for Oneshi Press Anthology 10,   and provided

Tom Swift Bird

Tom Swift Bird is the writer and illustrator of Anthropocene Twilight featured in Oneshi Press Anthology 1. Tom is an artist who explores the internal and outdoor landscapes of modern life in their

Benet Simon

Benet Simon wrote Practice Makes Perfect featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 6. Benet Simon is the editor and writer of Tales of Astoundment, a new ongoing comedy comics anthology from Markosia, who will soon

Erica Schultz

Erica wrote Heartbreaker featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 4, Gabrielle featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 5 and Gabrielle Part 2: Sweatshop featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9. Erica Schultz is a Ringo Award nominated writer (Forgotten Home),

Brendan Rowe

Brendan is the writer of Trenches featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 2, Scripture featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3, Hank Thatcher: Dragon Catcher featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 6 and On A Thing featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9.

Adam Rose

Write of Corollary featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 10, Adam Rose (he/him)  writes and teaches in Los Angeles. He headed the panel: Comics: The Golden Age to All Ages

Pink Pitcher

Pink provided the intro for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 5 as well as guest art for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 7 and Tracy Queen: Volume 1. Pink Pitcher is an artist, author, seamstress, druid, and

Michael Norwitz

Michael wrote Trouble With A Capital T in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3. Michael Norwitz lives in California with his wife, child, and his clowder of cats. He’s written for punk zines (The

Nachiket Naik

Nachiket Naik wrote The Witch’s Justice featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 9. Stories spoke to Nachiket from an early age in a way nothing else did. Growing up in India, he hunted

Patrick McEvoy

A former writer and editor for several sports publications, Patrick McEvoy has had stories included in various comic book anthologies such as Emanata, Uncanny Adventures, Indie Comics Quarterly, GuruKitty’s Once

Kael McDonald

Kael provided guest art for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 7 and Tracy Queen: Volume 1. He also co-wrote, co-illustrated and lettered Junction featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9 and received an Artist Spotlight in it. Kael

AJ O Mason

J O. Mason wrote and lettered My Giant, Strange Friend featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 8. AJ O. Mason is a comics writer, letterer, and short story writer who have worked with

Charley Macorn

Charley wrote Strikeforce Dracula Part One featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 5, and Linda Lynda Unlicensed Detective featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies 11-13 Charley Macorn is a comedian, writer, and general weirdo

Patricia Loupee

Patricia wrote and lettered A Tale of Good Intentions featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 8. Patricia Loupee is an editor, writer, inker and colorist based in Brazil and with a knack for

Kyle Lawrence

Kyle wrote Crumple Installment 01 featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 7, The Chixulub Impact, featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 11, and Bre’er Rabbit in Featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 13.

Chris Lackie

Chris wrote The Berbackus featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 9. Christopher Lackie is a deceptively handsome economist with a passion for writing. His stories appear in “A Soul Divided/Caged In Flesh” and

Martyna Kulak

Martyna wrote and illustrated Evening Walk featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 6. Martyna Kulak is a 23-year-old freelance artist from Poland, trying to put to work everything she learned working on a

Reed Hinckley-Barnes

Reed Hinckley-Barnes is a comics writer and letterer. In real life, Reed can be found reading, writing, and playing board games with his fiancé in their San Francisco apartment.

Jason Hart

Jason wrote & co-illustrated Maroon featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 5. Jason Hart is a writer, comics cartoonist, and marketing designer based in Ohio. He graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Ryan Haack

Ryan wrote Dispose featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 4. Ryan Haack is an avid comic writer and story-teller. His biggest passion is telling stories with comics, understanding their language, and helping people


rivante wrote The Zee Brothers Zombie Exterminators: Mini Comic Part 01 and its sequel The Zee Brothers Zombie Exterminators: Mini Comic Part 02 featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthologies 7 and 8. You might recognize

Gregory Gallagher

Gregory Gallagher wrote Ziegler Box: Part 1 featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 8 and Ziegler Box: Part 2 featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 9. Gregory is the most trusted advisor to his creative team and

Dylan Jay Fox

Dylan Shauger, better known by his online alias as Dylan Jay Fox provided guest art for Tracy Queen Volume 2. Dylan is an independent screenwriter, content writer, and content creator.

Tana Ford

Tana wrote and illustrated That Time I Turned 30 In Greece featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 4. Tana Ford is a comic book artist perhaps best known for her work on MARVEL’s Silk.

John Crowther

John Crowther is an award-winning, Florida-based freelance comic book writer and professional wrestling historian. John’s writing credits include Heavy Metal Magazine (Blizzard), Antarctic Press (Rochelle, Horror Comics, Exciting Comics, Turnbuckle Titans: Nikolai

Miguel Colón

Miguel Colón is the writer and illustrator of Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthologies 1-3, 5 & 7. Miguel was born in the South Bronx in 1969. In 1983

Dino Caruso

Dino Caruso is the writer of Confidence Game featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 2.

Aaron Berke

Aaron wrote Victoria featured in Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 6. Aaron Berke is a science-fiction and fantasy writer based in New York City. Aaron believes that every moment in life can make a

Peter Lampasona

Peter Lampasona (he/him) is best known for writing about the world of sports and has contributed to publications such as MMAMania, The Fight Nerd, and US Combat Sports. He also worked on production for Spike TV

Chris Covelli

With nearly two decades of experience in the 3-D animation/VFX industry, Chris Covelli (he/him) has provided freelance professional work on advertisements for American Express, Coca Cola, Crayola, Newsday, and many

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and storyteller. Along with Lynsey G, he is the co-founder of Oneshi Press. As the co-creator of the epic sci-fi-fantasy series Children of Gaia (COG), he

Lynsey G

Lynsey G (she/they), multi-award-winning writerly type, is a co-founder of Oneshi Press alongside Jayel Draco. She is the author of the secks-positive graphic novel Tracy Queen, the vigilante-dogs-noir comic series PACK, the Tales from Existentia