Illustrator, Writer

Yuki, AKA yukidogzombie, and Rosetta McBride (she/her/they/them) illustrated the intro for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3, Co-wrote and illustrated Twinkle Skypainter featured in for Oneshi Press Anthology 10,   and provided guest art for Oneshi press Comics Anthology 6, PACK 1, and PACK 3.

“I am a autistic Illustrator and children’s book writer, I do colorful art with watercolors & inks, and have been lucky to work with circuses, clown groups & Oneshi Press”

Outside of Oneshi Press, Yuki’s works have been featured in:

  • Big Top Parade Of Art
  • Circus Of Illustration
  • Cuddles And The BlueBerry Dragon
  • Omnium Circus 2021
  • Garden bros Circus 2017
  • Bahia Shriners Circus 2018/2019
  • World Clown Association 2018
  • Clowns of America International 2021,