Chris Covelli

Co-Creator, Illustrator, Writer

With nearly two decades of experience in the 3-D animation/VFX industry, Chris Covelli (he/him) has provided freelance professional work on advertisements for American Express, Coca Cola, Crayola, Newsday, and many others. Chris has also done 3-D work on independent films including The Last WinterSleep Dealer, and Danny and the Wild Bunch. Currently, Chris works as a Senior Modeler at DHX Media on Nickelodeon’s children’s series Blaze and the Monster Machines. Chris is also developing Species, an innovative 3-D character software.

  • Co-Creator: Children of Gaia
  • Co-Illustrator: Children of Gaia: War & Horses
  • Writer & Illustrator: “Children of Gaia: Diplomacy”
  • Co-Creator: “Children of Gaia: The Ra’Avadhi”