COG: Mitheran Fauna Coloring Book (Digital .PDF)


28 pages. Black and white. Digital coloring book.

This stunning coloring book by Erin “Shadowind” Cooper presents a fully realized fantasy ecosystem from the Children of Gaia universe!

Mitheran Fauna is also available as a paperback.

COG: The Mag Tower Game Book (Digital .PDF)

A digital download of the beautifully illustrated guide to this simple, one-off, high-fantasy tabletop game, which can be completed by 2-12 players in 45 minutes or less!

The Mag Tower is an enjoyable entry point to the larger Children of Gaia sci-fi/fantasy universe, where a foreign power has invaded the magical realm of Rendaraia, laying waste to its most ancient civilizations.

The Mag Tower RPG is also available in paperback!

COG: Diplomacy (Digital .PDF)

12 pages, full color, digital comic.

Go deep into the backstory behind the Children of Gaia sci-fi/fantasy series with this stunningly illustrated short comic in digital format! Written and illustrated by Children of Gaia co-creator Chris Covelli, with colors by Wanda "Lacerta" Kluge, and lettering from Cardinal Rae.

COG: Diplomacy is also available in paperback!


A stunning 28-page DIGITAL coloring book by Erin “Shadowind” Cooper.

In the deeply magical Great Nation of Mithera, the creatures and plants, insects and fungus, flora and fauna are just as fantastical as the elven mages who devote their lives to the mystical arts.

Now, in stunning line drawings, wildlife artist Shadowind presents a fully realized fantasy ecosystem that will dazzle your eyes.

Bring it to life with your own colors or save this beautiful bestiary, blank, for posterity!

Mitheran Fauna is also available as a paperback.

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No sizes here! This is a digital coloring book.

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