COG: Great Nations – 1st Edition (Digital .PDF)


Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia – Digital .PDF  by Jayel Draco

This 150-page illustrated novel from the Children of Gaia series explores the history and lore of Rendaraian culture. The five Great Nations of Rendaraia have stood for centuries as strongholds of culture, magic, science, and military strength. When, one by one, the Nations mysteriously fall—each destroyed in a day, with no word or warning—the intrepid scholar Jan’Ka’Zian sets out to record a complex network of intertwined cultures on the edge of destruction. Jayel Draco’s gorgeous illustrations present a vivid picture of elaborate cityscapes and mountain vistas, vast skyfaring fleets, and fantastic flora and fauna.

When you purchase this digital download, you’ll receive a .zip folder containing both a digital .pdf of the illustrated novel as well as a .pdf of the text file, which can be put through TTS (text to speech) programs for  for accessibility. COG: Great Nations is also available in Signed Trade Paperback as well as a Collectible, Limited-Edition Numbered Hardcover.

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5 star Reader's Favorite - shiny metal stars“The Great Nations of Rendaraia is a scholastic account of the five great nations and their mysterious downfall. The first part briefly documents the history of Arilyness, Lithicus, Mithera, Danrock, and Noda. Each of these nations concentrates on a particular field of learning, from the spiritual knowledge of Mithera, to the architects of Danrock. This specialisation is only possible due to the Hodgeskeen, a nomadic nation that ties the five together through the trade opportunities and transport their air ships provide. One day the Hodgeskeen arrive at the capital of Mithera and find it in ruins with no survivors and no clues as to who or what toppled the nation. The Great Nations fall one after the other, but nobody knows how until it’s too late.

This book is a visual feast filled with detailed maps and stunning illustrations by author, Jayel Draco. The narrative focuses more on the culture and origins of the great nations than the story of what happened to them, but this fits the book’s presentation as a scholar’s effort to preserve history. I love that the author included homosexual relationships and non-binary gendered characters. Rendaraia is one of the most fantastical worlds I’ve ever encountered. The only drawback I found is the names of people and places are a little difficult to remember. The Great Nations of Rendaraia is the sort of book you tuck away with the most treasured novels in your library, removing it from the shelf every now and then simply to admire it.”—Caitlin O’Connor

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