COG: Great Nations – Free Sample


Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia –Free Sample (Digital .PDF)

16 pages.

Explore the Great Nations—strongholds of culture, magic, science, and military strength that have stood for centuries in the fantasy world of Rendaraia. When, one by one, the Nations mysteriously fall—each destroyed in a day, with no word or warning—the intrepid scholar Jan’Ka’Zian sets out to record a complex network of intertwined cultures on the edge of destruction.

Jayel Draco’s gorgeous illustrations present a vivid picture of elaborate cityscapes and mountain vistas, vast skyfaring fleets, and fantastic flora and fauna.

Children of Gaia is a vast universe, and the setting for an epic story being told across multiple media. The Great Nations of Rendaraia is the first of many works that tell this ongoing tale.

Explore Rendaraia in COG: The Great Nations of Rendaraia—available in digital .PDF, paperback, or signed, limited-edition hardcover.


Rendaraia is a realm where nature, magic, and civilization have long lived in harmony. Into this peaceful coexistence come brutal and mysterious invaders from a land called Terra, an imperial society driven by its own rapacious needs and the demands of its politically divided home. As war rages, hundreds of cultures of wildly varying traditions, technologies, and species fight to preserve their way of life. But Rendaraia and Terra are linked more deeply than anyone could ever imagined…

Children of Gaia is a vast universe, and the setting for an epic and ongoing story being told across multiple media. Read more in the Children of Gaia universe in COG: The Great Nations of RendaraiaWar & Horses, and a growing collection of short comics.

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