Anthology #14: SIDEQUESTS

Call for Submissions


Sometimes, stories don’t take a straight path from origin to destination. The journey you set out on has a way of becoming something more, but you gain experience and wisdom (and maybe cohorts) along the way.

In order to reach your goal, you’ve got to undertake…

A sidequest!

Tell us all about yours in an eight-page comic for our fourteenth collection!


  • January 24, 2024 – SIDEQUESTS submissions open.
  • April 24, 2024 – Deadline for submissions.
  • September 25, 2024 – Final art due for accepted comics.
  • November 2024 – Kickstarter campaign.

We’re Looking For…

We’re a progressive, inclusive, collaborative publisher. We love work that celebrates the best of humankind (and other species, too). We’re into love, kindness, justice, and forward thinking. But we are not interested in glorifying the bad stuff—hate has no place in our pages.

We recommend perusing our website and reading the synopses of our previous works at our online store (no need to purchase) to find out what we’ve published in the past—especially the other anthologies.

Finished Comics

Finished comics, complete with art and letters, are given priority in our selection process. (After all, we know they’ll be ready in time for the deadline!) Eight pages are ideal.

Remember, we want stories that explore the theme of SIDEQUESTS.


If you’ve written a short comic script that fits the SIDEQUESTS theme, but don’t have art yet, send us your script! In your submission, let us know if you have an artist attached, or if you’re searching.

While we do consider scripts, finished comics are given priority in our selection process.


Just an idea? Sure, send it to us!

We prioritize finished comics and scripts over pitches, since they will be more likely to make the deadline…but we’re always up for hearing what you’ve got in mind!


We’re looking for fabulous artists to pair with writers! Send us your portfolio and/or links to your work, and we’ll add you to our database. If a project comes up that suits your work, we’ll put the writer in touch with you!

How to Submit

  1. Please take some time to read and understand our Submission Guidelines.
  2. Check out our Sample Script and Comic Template to be sure you know what we’re looking for.
  3. Submit your SIDEQUESTS story using our Submission Form!
  4. Add info@oneshipress.com to your contacts list so our emails won’t go to your junk folder!

What We Make

We print a small number of limited-edition anthologies. These are shipped out to our contributors, our Kickstarter backers, our Patreon subscribers, and anybody who buys them from our online store. We also sell at conventions and in a select few brick-and-mortar stores.

We also sell digital copies of the anthologies on our online store.

Who We Work With

Oneshi Press is excited to work with beginning creators, seasoned professionals, and everybody in between! We want fresh voices, exciting new perspectives, and those with important stories to tell. Folks from marginalized groups are especially encouraged to submit; your voice needs to be heard.

How We Work

We work on a collaborative co-op model where everybody wins when anybody wins.

For more information, see our submission guidelines.

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Author: Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company based in Missoula, Montana. Our passion is creating stories that explore dark corners, shatter taboos, emphasize progressive ideals, and immerse you in intricate worlds. We’re inviting you to explore them! Our company publishes high-quality comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books that contribute to the collective conversation, helping to unify and transform one another into more nuanced thinkers and compassionate members of the world we share.

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