Kyle Lawrence on Starting Big

Kyle Lawrence is a comic writer from New Jersey whose work has appeared in two previous Oneshi Press anthologies (you can find Anthology #7 and Anthology #11 on our online store!).

His featured comic in the Cohorts Anthology is “Br’er Rabbit in the Jazz Age Presents: Bam-BOOZE-led.” It follows a superhero of color as he wipes out bigotry in the post–Civil War American South, gorgeously illustrated by Zilson Costa.

We talked to Kyle about starting big, working down to the small parts, and lots more.

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Tell us about yourself a bit, Kyle. When did your art journey begin?

I actually began seriously writing poems and a full length book back when I was about 15 or 16. I got into the comic world and started writing scripts. Now I’ve got several completed projects under my belt, some of which I’ve been paid for!

“Br’er Rabbit in the Jazz Age Presents Bam-Booze-led” is part of an ongoing series, yes? Tell us more about it!

It’s part of my Br’er Rabbit in the Jazz Age series. The first issue was successfully Kickstarted this year. (Grab a copy here!)Currently I’m getting art made for a second issue.

Is Br’er Rabbit In the Jazz Age the first project you have released?

I’ve been featured in printed anthologies before, but Br’er Rabbit is my first self-published project.

Who are your writing heroes, or others who inspire you?

Grant Morrison is my absolute favorite comic writer. Naoki Urasawa is my favorite mangaka.

What non-comic fictional character would Br’er Rabbit most identify?

Bugs Bunny

Where is your dream vacation? How about Br’er Rabbit?

My dream vacation is a place with great food, walkable and warm with a cool breeze. Also a nice big comic shop.

For Rabbit, it would be a place with lots of booze and plenty of ways to use his showmanship to make some cash.

Do you have any rituals to get you in the “zone” to write?

I start with a big idea: a theme, a setting, a general skeleton concept. I write that down. Then I start fleshing it out, adding characters, scenes, getting the connective tissue there. Then I add more details, specific dialogue, panel placement, etc. Start big and vague and move toward minute and precise. Coffee also helps.

What is your favorite comic book or comic-based media?

For the west it’s Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, one of the greatest magical anarchy stories ever put to page. For the east it’s One Piece. Massive living world with colorful characters and an undying mystery.

What is important when it comes to writing for comic books?

Planning for how scenes play out in physical space and creating an easy visual line of action for the reader to follow. It’sall about the eyes.

Where can the readers find you and your projects online?

My portfolio and store is at https://klawcomics.squarespace.com/

I also have a comics Youtube channel called King RexComics where I do video essays, reviews, recaps and more. Check me out!

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