Zilson Costa on Cohorts, Br’Er Rabbit, and Working Together

Zilson Costa has a degree in fine arts from the Federal University of Maranhão. He is a teacher in the municipal education systems of São Luís and São José de Ribamar, working on the subject of art with students from 6th to 9th grade. He has been a comic creator since 1996 and publishes his own characters, Skull Man and Poodle Man, in his own comic books.

His short comic, “Br’Er Rabbit in the Jazz Age presents: Bam-Booze-led,” is part of the Cohorts Anthology, with a script by Kyle Lawrence.

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Zilson Costa, tell us a little about yourself!

I am an art teacher in municipal schools, graduated in visual arts from the Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil. I’ve been working with comics since 1996 and my first work for the [industry in] USA was in 2012, with the publisher Argo Comics, when I drew the story “The Origin of Shazrath” by my great friend Dan Sehn.

What does the word “cohorts” mean to you?

I believe that people who have something in common should come together to achieve greater achievements. It’s a beautiful way to help each other.

How did you come to work with Kyle Lawerence on Br’er Rabbit?

I started working with Kyle when I came to replace the previous artist, who for some reason abandoned the project. I met Kyle through my friend jackson gebien, and it has been very rewarding working on the Br’er Rabbit project.

Which comic book character do you most identify with and why?

I really like Spider-Man, for his perseverance and sense of responsibility.

How did you start making comics?

I started producing fanzines and independent magazines with some friends and from 2007 I started publishing my own characters. Among the most famous, the Skull Man and the Poodle Man.

What are some other comics you’ve worked on?

I worked on Siamese, Origin of Chain Reaction, Rebound, Nature Man, LaserWolf, Sleep Runners, Marvelous, and many others.

We talked to comic book artist Zilson Costa about his work on "Br'Er Rabbit in the Jazz Age," his inspiration, Spider-Man, and more!

Any projects of yours that you are working on?

I’m currently working on a crossover between my character Poodle Man and Daniel Garcia’s Xyber Ronin.

Who are your inspirations in artistic creation?

Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Jim Lee, Joe Bennet, Mike Deodato, John Byrne…

What advice would you give aspiring artists?

Study drawing, storytelling, light and shadow and never give up.

Where can our readers find you online?


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