Cthulhu Wants You Asleep. TarMucks™ Keeps You Awake.

When Cthulhu awakes…you better make sure he gets his coffee.

TarMucks Coffee, Cup & Comic

Facing the day without a strong cup of coffee is a terror beyond all description…and so are the unimaginable eldritch horrors that Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones would visit upon this world if they awoke from their aeons-long slumber.

Tarmucks™ Coffee is here to ensure that neither of these nightmare hellscapes comes to pass.

About TarMucks

TarMucks is a chain of corporate coffee shops that we invented for the worlds of our comics.

So far, it has appeared in:

  • PACK—as the location for most of James and Patience’s surreptitious meetings
  • Tracy Queen—as Tracy’s favorite brand of go-juice
  • Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter—as one of the in-world stores we see our hero encounter
A panel from PACK
The comic, the cup, and the coffee!

Now, We’re Bringing TarMucks to THIS World

We’ve always wanted to bring our stories to life, and TarMucks is our first chance to do just that!

We’re bringing TarMucks brand coffee to YOU, along with a Cthulhu-logo reusable mug…and a 16-page mini-comic that shows you why it’s your sacred duty to drink your daily dose of go-juice…to keep Cthulhu safely asleep and not ravaging the world of humans!

The mini-comic was co-written by Lynsey G and Jayel Draco, illustrated by Michel Abstracto, and lettered by Cardinal Rae. It’s a hilariously fun read as you sip your TarMucks!

Epic, Eldritch Team-Ups

We’ve even teamed up with other Cthulhu-crazed creators to offer you more books and more beverages!

Cthulhu Is Hard to Caffeinate: This reward tier pairs Russell Nohelty’s epic Cthulhu Is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos comics anthology with a decaf coffee blend, for those who like to get a little sleep after they read about the end of the world.

Cocoa Is for Cthulhu: This adorably eldritch tier combines the classic C Is for Cthulhu kids’ board book with a delightful hot cocoa blend, just for your little monsters!

You can order one of each beverage, or multiples of any of them! And don’t miss out on these fun Cthulhu books for every reader!

Cthulhu Is Hard to Caffeinate
“C Is for Cocoa”

A Tree for Every Backer

This campaign aims to save the world from Cthulhu and his creepy kin…but it’s also saving the world with eco-friendly products and practices. Like planting a tree for every single backer with an official partnership with OneTreePlanted.org, an organization that plants trees around the globe where they’re most needed to reforest, build back ecosystems, and clean the air.

Save the World, One Cup at a Time—and Get Your Tree Planted—at TarMucks: Corporate Coffee & Comic!

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