The Tracy Queen #1-3 Campaign Ends Soon!

tracy queen v3 asinjuasflora cover
Cover by Asinjuasflora

The Campaign Is Winding Down!

The campaign for Tracy Queen #1-3: I Want More is wrapping up this Thursday, May 5!

This is your last chance to preorder your copy of issue 3 of our pulpy sci-fi take on organized crime, adult entertainment, junk science, and empowerment through pleasure!

Our favorite love warrior, Tracy Queen, explores her need for more in this third installment of the series. Meanwhile, pressure mounts as her former boss and a smut kingpin from California seek to control her! Driven to a breaking point, Tracy makes a decision that will change everything…

tracy queen v3 diana camero cover
Variant cover by Diana Camero

You don’t want to miss this exciting and spicy new installment from our most popular comic book series.

Tracy Queen, V3: I Want More is written by Lynsey G, illustrated by Jayel Draco, with inks by Jeff Foulsham and flat colors by Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba, and lettered by Cardinal Rae.

The 52-page full-color comic also features cover art by Asinjuasflora with a variant cover by Diana Camero also available. There’s even an intro comic illustrated by Nicolas Touris and an outro comic illustrated by Jeff Foulsham! Plus guest art from a host of amazing indie creators!

Back now before the campaign ends on May 5!

Here’s a peek at all our rewards! And that’s not even including our add-on exclusives!

Rewards & Add-Ons

This campaign has been very successful, which means we’ve been able to unlock eight stretch goals, giving our backers access to lots of new items!

Now, we’ve got stickers, buttons, digital art, and even a free twelve-page zine for all backers!

And that’s all in addition to the amazing rewards originally built into our pledge tiers! Rewards like…

  • all three issues of Tracy Queen
  • books from our other series
  • stickers galore
  • postcards
  • Queen Bee buttons
  • the Tracy Queen theme song
  • 8×10 art prints
  • Tracy Queen cube craft doll
  • Queen Bee light-up sign
  • Tracy Queen minifig
  • original penciled pages
  • Tracy Queen action figure

and even…

(Are you ready? Because this very, very cool.)

A Custom Tracy Queen Funko Pop! Giveaway

We teamed up with Viet Huynh, creator of amazing custom figures, to create a custom-made, hand-sculpted, hand-painted Tracy Queen Funko Pop!

And we’re giving it away at the end of the campaign!

Anyone can enter to win this beautiful bobble-head! Just leave a comment on the campaign saying you want that Funko Pop! And we’ll add your name to the hat. Click here to enter to win!

And you can watch the giveaway live, at…

The TQ V3 Campaign Countdown Party!

We’re going live on Twitch this Thursday evening to count down the last two hours of the campaign, celebrate with our viewers… And give away the Tracy Queen Funko Pop!

We’ll be partying from 5:00 – 7:00 pm Mountain Time (that’s 7-9 Eastern/6-8 Central/4-6 Pacific) at the Oneshi Press Twitch channel.

We’re inviting you to join us in the live chat, celebrate with us, and help us choose a winner!

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