Here’s What the Press Is Saying About PACK 3!

The campaign to fund PACK 1-3 is getting close to the 50% funded mark! And the press is taking notice! Here are three places you can read all about the campaign and the series, and even get a sneak peek inside the newest issue of our comic book about vigilante dogs putting bad guys under the fang!

The PACK Is Back, With Its Heart On Its Sleeve

First, our editor-in-chief, Lynsey G, who is also the writer of PACK, wrote a very personal guest post for Indie Comix Dispatch. In it, she described her struggles as a writer on a series that started as an easy sell…and then became much, more complicated.

Here’s a snippet:

PACK was born of watching this pattern play out again and again and wanting to see it change, but feeling powerless. But since stories are how we contribute to the conversation, we needed to get to work. We wondered, what if one of the people affected by this cycle stood up against the petty crime he saw on the streets? Developed friendship with animals who suffered at the hands of the same system that hurt him? Would they be heroes or villains?

Read the rest of Lynsey’s article here!

Smash Pages Q&A: Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco

Next, Lynsey and Jayel Draco—our other co-founder and the artist for PACK—talked to SmashPages! In an interview that dove deep into the heart of the series, they told Alex Dueben why they took a year off from publishing PACK.

Here’s a bit:

Lynsey: We wanted these issues to be talked about, but…Are we the right people to step into this conversation with this series? Are we doing this in a way that feels strongly aligned with our values? Suddenly our “easy sell” was going to be launched into a world where it was no longer an easy sell.

Jayel: It’s good to be nuanced and talk about all sides of things, but it’s important to let someone who’s hurting know that you see their pain…We don’t want to be afraid to say things that are important to say. And so we had to take a step back and think about it.

Read the whole Q&A here!

pack 3 temperance cover banner

PACK 3: Temperance (Preview)

Who knew that what PACK 3 really needed was a limerick?

Clearly, Comic Book and Movie Reviews did! Thank goodness for the press!

There once was a canine collective,
Who cleaned the streets of anything defective.
They’d take down the mugs,
they’d confiscate the drugs,
and they’d aim to be polite and effective.

There’s more—including a sneak preview inside PACK 3: Temperance—at Comic Book and Movie Reviews!

If all this press has gotten you curious, you can visit the Kickstarter page to find out more! Get your own copies of PACK issues 1 – 3, plus lots of other amazing rewards like original art, a personalized thank-you in the book, and even a custom short story from Lynsey G about your pet saving the day!

It’s all right here at the PACK 1-3 Kickstarter campaign, live now through August 31!

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