Howl With Us! The PACK is Back!

dogs of the pack over brooklyn neighborhood
The PACK guards their changing Brooklyn neighborhood. But are they heroes, or villains?

Do you love dogs…and justice?

Our series PACK delivers a whole lot of both, wrapped up inside full-color pages of sumptuous sequential art.

PACK is a vigilante-noir urban-drama comic book about 6 stray dogs and their stray man. Together, they roam the streets of Brooklyn, dishing out their version of justice as they put bad guys under the fang. But good and bad aren’t so easily defined, and crime doesn’t stop at the street level…

This series explores the gray areas between right and wrong, tail wagging and viciousness, good guys and bad guys. It takes a hard look at the systemic problems behind gentrification, policing, and corrupt politics, all through the lens of vigilante justice. And, of course, doggos.

PACK 3: Temperance

We’ve already published PACK issues 1 and 2. Now it’s time to focus on PACK 3: Temperance!

In this issue, you’ll discover the secret behind Temperance’s blinking “crown”—a technological marvel embedded into his skull. Uncover the shocking truth about why he joined the PACK. Witness how the crumbling fabric of this neighborhood effects a local youth, along and the rookie cop trying to watch over him, even as the powers that be brand the vigilantes of the PACK Public Enemy #1.

Click HERE to visit Temperance’s Kickstarter campaign!

PACK 3: Temperance the tech-enhanced great dane
Temperance the Great Dane wears a tech device that he won’t let anyone touch.
Here’s the video we made for the Kickstarter!

Join the PACK!

Right now, we’re funding issue 3 of the PACK series on Kickstarter! We’re treating the campaign as a way for fans of dogs…and justice…to preorder all three books.

In exchange for backers’ support, we’re sending them rewards like art prints, stickers, postcards, a super-cool theme song, original art and short stories, and even a laser-etched light-up paw print sign!

If you want in on all this tail-wagging, there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to pledge. Early funding means everything on Kickstarter!

Click HERE to visit the Kickstarter page!

How It Works

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that requires creators to create something to send to their backers. But in order to be sure that creators can create what they’ve promised, Kickstarter requires that every project receive full funding. If the project doesn’t meet its goal by the deadline…no money changes hands. Backers won’t be charged, and creators don’t receive any funding at all.

We love the Kickstarter platform because it keeps both backers and creators safe from under-funding and under-delivering. But this funding style also means that early funding is crucial! If Kickstarter doesn’t think our campaign has a chance of succeeding due to low interest, it will become more difficult for people to find—and pledge to—our campaign.

Click HERE to visit the Kickstarter page!

So, your early pledge means the world to us! But not everyone can contribute with a pledge. No problem—follows, comments, and social media shares all help, too. Thanks in advance for your support!

humility the mutt, kindness the pit bull, and temperance the great dane
Humility, Kindness, and Temperance all being Very Good Boys in front of their issues of the comic.

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