Introducing FREEBIES! on the Oneshi Press Store

Freebie: Tracy Queen free sample .pdf download
Freebie: PACK free sample .pdf download
Freebie: Lomack free sample .pdf download
Freebie: Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter free sample .pdf download
Freebie: COG: Great nations free sample .pdf download

Ever wanted to check out an Oneshi Press comic, but weren’t sure if you wanted to buy it? Now, we’ve got FREEBIES for that!

There’s a brand-new section on our online store dedicated entirely to free samples of our comics, illustrated sci-fi/fantasy novels, and anything else we decide to give away for heckin’ free!

Click here to see our current freebies, including short samples of:

Go grab some Freebies right now. And be sure to check back every now and again to see what new goodies we’re offering for absolutely nothing!

Get free comics in the heckin’ coolest mailer around!

K. F. Kat Fish pilots the Oneshi Dream Fuel Email paper airplane.

Get the opening chapters of each of our top 4 comics direct to your inbox absolutely FREE! With new art and stories every couple weeks, just tell us where to send them!!

4 free comics from Oneshi Press

visit: oneshipress.com/4free for more info

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