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No matter what your personal political stance is, it’s clear that this U.S. election is super important. Oneshi Press wants to be sure that every voice is heard. So we’re rewarding comics readers for their civic engagement. That’s right! All you need to do is vote, and we’ll send you free digital comics. All we need is proof that you cast a ballot in the 2020 general election!

To reward you for making voting look cool, Oneshi Press will send you a free comics sampler. That sampler includes 8 pages each of the comics series Tracy Queen, PACK, and Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, as well as the Children of Gaia short comic “Refuge.” All you need to do to get your comics is like and share a social media post, then comment with a photo proving you voted!

That proof could look like any of the following:

  • An image of your dropping your vote in a ballot box!
  • A shot of your “I Voted” sticker!
  • A photo of you putting your mail-in ballot in the mailbox!
  • How about a screen shot of your confirmation that your ballot was received at your local election office?
  • Or really anything else you can think of to prove that you did your civic duty!

Get your proof to us by following the directions in this Tweet, or by following these other directions on this Facebook post. We’ll say thanks by DMing you a digital comics sampler!

We’re calling the whole thing #VoteForComics, so use the hashtag when you share our posts. Together, we’ll make voting look cool—and get more comics to more readers. Win-win!

The heckin’ coolest mailing list around!

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