Mr. Guy’s Website Relaunch!

If you thought Mr. Guy looked good before…you’re going to LOVE his new website!

Mr. Guy is a handsome gentle-goblin, so it only makes sense that his website be as sleek, chic, and smexy as he is! So we’re announcing the relaunch of MrGuyComic.com! The site now boasts a streamlined new look, better functionality on desktop and mobile, updated team credits, and a whole lot of new art! Plus a super-duper-ultra-mega modern makeover that we think you’ll love!

Consider this your invitation to the relaunch.

At the new MrGuyComic.com, you can:

  • Check out the new site for details on how Mr. Guy came to be a zombie hunter in the About page! 
  • And don’t forget to listen to the Mr. Guy theme song or the “Castle BIGmart” performance, also on the About page!
  • Ogle oodles of original art from illustrators, collaborators, and fans of everyone’s favorite reluctant hero in the Art Galleries!
  • Let your mind be boggled by the Buzz Mr. Guy is causing around the internet! 
  • Then catch up on interviews with creators and the latest news at the Mr. Guy blog!
  • Swoon over the astonishing talent of the Mr. Guy creative team
  • And be sure to contact the Mr. Guy crew via the handy Contact page!

It’s all live right now at MrGuyComic.com! So take it for a spin. Then let us know what you think!

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Author: Oneshi Press

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