Introducing “Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Theme Song”

We are so excited to share with you the amazingness that is “Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Theme Song.” (Caution: Strobing video effects.)

We think it’s the perfect theme song for the hecking sweet comic about everyone’s favorite half-goblin reluctant hero, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. He’s trying to save the world by taking on the zombie apocalypse, along with his ghost-skull sidekick who’s cursed to live in his infected arm. What do you think? Perfect soundtrack or nah?

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It was half past dark in the dead of night
All was calm on the farm till he, he saw a sight
An evil figure getting bigger, it began to creep.
Now it was up to the hero with a widow’s peak.

Call Mr. Guy (4x)

Gotta save the world but he don’t know how
Zombies and ghosts and unholy cows
Perilous ruins, dangers ahead
Will he stay alive or become undead?

Towns full of hordes, gotta watch where your drink’s at
Stuck in the city with the musk and the street rats
Join on the ride, when it all goes awry
Who you gonna call? (Ghost busters!) NO!

Call Mr. Guy

The theme song was written and recorded by David Gueringer at Next Arc Studios.

You can preorder the graphic novel written by Jayel Draco with illustrations from Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, and Jacey Chase, and cover by Sonne. Funding now on Kickstarter!

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