An Interview With Comics Writer Kyle Lawrence

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Kyle Lawrence is the writer behind “Crumple,” the first part of a sci-fi horror comic with art from Mac Radwanski and Bo Christian. “Crumple” appeared in Oneshi Press Anthology #07. We asked Kyle about time travel, manga, and sympathetic characters.

Tell us about yourself, Kyle. How and why did you get into comics?

I was always into the DC animated shows like Batman and Static Shock as a kid. Around the time DC was doing Brightest Day, I started reading the Recharge arc of Green Lantern Corps. Then the new52 provided a good jumping on point and I was hooked.

Can you tell us about your inspiration and process for creating “Crumple”?

A nightmare. I was walking through a large house when a wall suddenly appeared, and I could hear someone screaming from inside. Two years of writes and rewrites later, and you have “Crumple.”

An image from “The Hungry Thing” by Kyle Lawrence.

What time period would you travel to if you had your own time machine?

I’d like to travel to one of the prehistoric periods, see a world no human has ever seen.

Who are your writing heroes, and other people who inspire you?

Grant Morrison is one of my favorite western authors. On the manga side, there’s Eiichiro Oda and Naoki Urasawa.

What’s your all-time favorite comic-book-based movie? TV series?

Movie-wise, it’s either Batman Begins or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. TV-wise, I really loved Static Shock and lately Legion has gotten me hooked.

What comic book character do you identify most with, and why?

I’ve always liked characters like Beast Boy, who try to improve the mood with humor. It’s gotta be hard staying positive when you and your friends’ lives are at stake.

What’s important to you in a comic book, as a reader? As a writer?

I think there should be some message to be taken away from any comic. More than just a story being things happening, it should be about something. Those are the richest stories.

How do you make your work immersive and progressive (the Oneshi Press themes)?

Lots of thinking about character motivation but mainly empathy. Gaining an understanding for people’s situations and motivations is all it really takes to sympathize. And we could all use some sympathy.

Any new projects you’re working on?

Currently working on a Comixology short submission. [It’s] moving into the art stage now.

Where can readers find you online?

I’m on Twitter @Hail_King_Rex

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