Preorders Are Open for Oneshi Press Anthology #07

Oneshi Press Anthology #07

Our next anthology is all about expectations—and how they’re almost always wrong. Nothing is ever exactly as it seems. So Oneshi Press Anthology #07 is (almost) here to remind you of that at every turn!

Get ready for austerely gorgeous cover art by Walter Ostlie! Then, enjoy an ethereally silly introduction from Renamey. Follow that with eight new pages of Tracy Queen’s ass-kicking adventures from Lynsey G., Jayel Draco, and Cardinal Rae. Next, transition into the first half of “The Zee Brothers, Zombie Exterminators: Mini Comic” by Grivante, Samir Simão, Brent Sterling, and Short Fuse Media. And then peek in on Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel, Issue 02 Installment 02 from Miguel Colón and Nikki Powers. Wash that down with “Crumple,” Installment 01, a sci-fi comic from Kyle Lawrence, Bo Christian, Mac Radwanski, and Letter Squids. Cringe away from “Guts,” a short comic from Lynsey G. and Diana Camero. And finally, run breathlessly through “Children of Gaia: Refuge,” a fantasy comic by Jayel Draco.

Preorder Now

We won’t release these 60 pages of magnificence until until January 1, 2019. However, you can preorder a limited-edition print copy now to lock down the short comics, beautiful cover art, and lovely guest art right now at the Oneshi Press store! Be sure to nab yours before they’re gone because Oneshi Press Anthology #07 won’t stick around for long!

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