You Did It! “Tracy Queen, Volume 1” is FULLY FUNDED!

tracy queen high fives you did it fully funded
High fives! You did it!

Congratulations! You did it! Your support helped us raise nearly $10,000 in just one month to publish Volume 1 of our epic sci-fi graphic novel, Tracy Queen! Let’s all heave a biiiiig sigh of relief.

It was a hard-fought battle against the forces of prudery, apathy, and boringness, but in the end, Team Tracy prevailed! We see it as a huge win for empowerment, sex-positivity, and badassery all around.

Now we’re hard at work on preparing the book for publication—including plenty of pages of guest art from fans of Tracy Queen, chapter cover pages, a stunning cover from stevieraedrawn, and more! We’re also gathering ourselves to order all the rewards we’ll be shipping out to you amazing folks. We’ve got original penciled pages from Tracy Queen, signed art prints, original sketches of Tracy Queen characters, stickers, and more! And we’re even preparing an online store where backers can purchase add-ons like shirts, bags, and comics.

But we’re also eager to get back to work on our other projects! Now that we can relax after spending a month talking about Tracy all the time, we’re back to our old shenanigans: Creating more pages of PACK, the next Oneshi Press anthology, due out in January, and several projects from the Children of Gaia universe! Stay tuned for more Oneshi Press excitement.

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