We’re Reading About Tracy Queen to Keep Ourselves from Biting All of Our Fingernails Off

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We might not be nervous, but Tracy sure is…and she’s really dramatic about it.

Hi, everyone! There are just over 24 hours left on the Kickstarter to fund Tracy Queen, Volume 1! Haha! It’s fine! We’re fine. We’re totally not nervous about it or anything. Not at all! It’s just that, you know, if we don’t make our goal, then we get nothing! And that we put a lot of work into this. And it’s just, you know, kind of nerve-wracking. Just a little bit.

But that’s fine! We’re fine! We’re probably going to make the goal. It’s almost there! We’re just kinda sorta biting our nails. A lot. Soooo, to keep ourselves busy as the last day of the Kickstarter winds down… We’re reading some of the great stuff that the Internet has had to say about Tracy Queen! Won’t you join us? Your cuticles will thank you.

Women Write About Comics

  • The wonderful Wendy Browne at Women Write About Comics did a Q&A with the co-creators of Tracy Queen, Jayel Draco and Lynsey G! They covered raccoons in pop culture, designing the character of Tracy Queen, and why this story had to be a graphic novel or bust! Read it all here!
  • Lynsey G. was honored to write a guest post for Women Write About Comics about why stories about sex workers are so important—especially stories where the sex worker is a hero instead of a victim. Read it all right here!


Our very own Lynsey G. got into the science behind why she believes promiscuous women like Tracy Queen will rule the world one day over at Medium. Give her article a read if you’re not faint of heart on matters of sexual anatomy!

The Comic Book Yeti

Check out this super-cool min-review of Tracy Queen, Volume 1 from The Comic Book Yeti on Twitter! Our favorite line? “Guys, I feel pretty confident in saying there’s no comic like this out there.” We agree.

Comic Book and Movie Reviews

Tracy got some love from the wonderful Comic Book and Movie Reviews last Friday! There’s a preview of pages 1-8 of Tracy Queen, Volume 1 for you to enjoy right here!

Thanks for reading all of these goodies with us while we count down the hours till the end of the Kickstarter! If you like any of the articles, reviews, or mentions linked to here, we’d love it if you could share them with your friends or family! Every person that hears about the Kickstarter gets us a tiny bit closer to our goal!

And hey, you. Yes, you there. Your support—whether it’s in pledges, shares on social media, or just moral support during this exceptionally stressful time—means the world to us! Thank you!

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