Oneshi Press Anthology #06 Is HERE!

oneshi press anthology 6 cover art by stevieraedrawn
Our 6th collection of immersive, progressive, gorgeous, and super-spooky indie comics is here at last! Oneshi Press Anthology #06 is available in limited-edition trade paperback, so get your print copy before it sells out!

Look Inside

60 pages await you inside the lavish, gorgeous cover by stevieraedrawn (pictured above)!
Start with an adventurous and adorable introduction by Conor Hughes
introduction panel conor hughes oneshi press opqa 6
Then, join our sex-positive feminist hero Tracy Queen as her creative rut is ended by a terribly rude awakening. Issue 2 of the graphic novel by Lynsey G., Jayel Draco, and Cardinal Rae starts here!
tracy queen oneshi press anthology 6 opqa 6
Next, ride along for a day with one of the hottest members of the Metropolitan Wildlife Control team! It’s “Hank Thatcher: Dragon Catcher,” from Brendan Rowe, John Amor, and Erica Cotten!
hank thatcher dragon catcher john amor oneshi press anthology 6 opqa 6
In “Victoria” from Aaron Berke and Marika Brousianou, roam a mortuary with a lost soul. She’s seeking solace among the stillness of death—but will she find it?
victoria panel oneshi press anthology 6 marika brousianou
Then, watch a madcap mad scientist try to reform in “Practice Makes Perfect.” This comedy short comic from Benet Simon, Sean Bova, and Davis Rush will shock and amaze you!
practice makes perfect page detail sean bova oneshi press anthology 6 opqa6
Martyna Kulak introduces you to a beautiful river monster in the atmospheric “Evening Walk.” But be warned: shapeshifting can happen, especially under the light of the full moon. 
evening walk panel martyna kulak oneshi press anthology 6 opqa6
Finally, the PACK brings down an enemy of all dogs in the final, chilling installment of PACK 2: Kindness by Lynsey G., Jayel Draco, and Cardinal Rae. (If you missed Pack 1, you can grab it as a standalone comic book!)
pack comic panel oneshi press anthology 6 jayel draco
This anthology is darker and spookier than any we’ve done before, but fear not! On your journey through these chilling pages, fine art from Sonne, Conor Hughes, stevieraedrawn, yukidogzombie, and Jacey Chase will keep you company !

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Available now exclusively from our online store, Oneshi Press Anthology #06 is a limited-edition print, so order now!

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