Adrian King

Adrian King (He/They) is writer, podcaster, and voice-actor. He spent his childhood and adolescence in a hyperbolic time chamber, absorbing near-fatal doses of pop culture trivia and obscure song lyrics.

Max Simbron

We work with Max, our production Liaison to make sure we get the greenest printing we can afford! Max Simbron (he/him), is a printer by trade with a decade of experience

Nouri Zander

Cover Artist and Sorcerer Scribe Supreme, Nouri Zander (he/him) lettered Ziegler Box: Part 1 featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 8, Ziegler Box: Part 2 featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 9, Ziegler Box:


Yuki, AKA yukidogzombie, and Rosetta McBride (she/her/they/them) illustrated the intro for Oneshi Press Comic Anthology 3, Co-wrote and illustrated Twinkle Skypainter featured in for Oneshi Press Anthology 10,   and provided

Adam Rose

Write of Corollary featured in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 10, Adam Rose (he/him)  writes and teaches in Los Angeles. He headed the panel: Comics: The Golden Age to All Ages

Olivia Pelaez

Illustrator of “SKULL PLANET” in Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #10, Olivia Pelaez (she/her) is a comic book artist. Her published work includes The Kitchen Witch and Little Girl mini-series, along

Patrick McEvoy

A former writer and editor for several sports publications, Patrick McEvoy has had stories included in various comic book anthologies such as Emanata, Uncanny Adventures, Indie Comics Quarterly, GuruKitty’s Once

DC Hopkins

DC Hopkins is a professional letterer & designer working for clients such as IDW, DC, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite, Disney, Image, Dark Horse, and more. He is also a staff letterer

Reed Hinckley-Barnes

Reed Hinckley-Barnes is a comics writer and letterer. In real life, Reed can be found reading, writing, and playing board games with his fiancé in their San Francisco apartment.

Gaston Genser

Gaston Genser was born in Argentina. Raised by the fantastic worlds of 80s cinema and 16-bit video games. Illustrator and elementary school teacher.

John Crowther

John Crowther is an award-winning, Florida-based freelance comic book writer and professional wrestling historian. John’s writing credits include Heavy Metal Magazine (Blizzard), Antarctic Press (Rochelle, Horror Comics, Exciting Comics, Turnbuckle Titans: Nikolai

Robert Ahmad

First Appearing in OPCA 10 for Corollary Robert Ahmad has been working professionally producing comic book art for the past couple of years. He illustrated the series The Devil in Disguise, The


voopytimes (he/him/they/xe/etc): Illustrator: Introduction for Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #10: Origins Sensitivity Consultant: Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 2: The Hecking Heck of It – Arc 8: Midnight’s Bayou

Cardinal Rae

Cardinal Rae (she/her) is the letterer of many of Oneshi Press’s works. She is a Ringo Award–nominated letterer who has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Boom! & loads of other

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and storyteller. Along with Lynsey G, he is the co-founder of Oneshi Press. As the co-creator of the epic sci-fi-fantasy series Children of Gaia (COG), he

Lynsey G

Lynsey G (she/they), multi-award-winning writerly type, is a co-founder of Oneshi Press alongside Jayel Draco. She is the author of the secks-positive graphic novel Tracy Queen, the vigilante-dogs-noir comic series PACK, the Tales from Existentia