Pink Pitcher on Wilderness, Textile Arts, and “Summit”

Pink Pitcher (she/her) is an artist, author, seamstress, druid, and textile and domestic historian (among other titles). Her short comic, “Summit,” will appear in the DESTINATIONS Anthology. Pink is currently publishing her first comic—Root & Branch—as an ongoing story in both print and web. She enjoys costuming and cosplay in a variety of genres, and would love to draw your RPG character.

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Tell our readers a bit about yourself, Pink! How did you get into creating comics?

Hi! I’m Pink Pitcher, a graphic novel creator. I live in the Rocky Mountains above 9,000 ft. with my family, one cat, two dogs, and 7 chickens.

I actually started making comics in middle school, after a friend of mine saw me doodling in a sketchbook and asked if I wanted to draw a comic she was writing! We worked together on that comic through high school, and I started plenty of other projects too. The first seeds of what would become Root & Branch were even created back then.

About eight years ago I was at a convention, and on a whim went to a panel on comics. There were three local comic creators, all small, independent artists, and they were really inspiring. I realized that no one was going to come along and give me permission to start making comics again, and, in fact—no one could stop me!

A page from “Summit” by Pink Pitcher.

What was your inspiration for “Summit,” the short comic you wrote and illustrated for the Destinations Anthology?

The roots of this short actually go back to high school as well! I wrote a short story with this premise in a creative writing class (on a typewriter, if you want to know what kind of hipster I was).

I had basically forgotten it, but when I saw the prompt for the Destinations Anthology, it kind of leapt up out of my past and slapped me in the face!

For the visuals and vibes, I’m calling on my life’s experience backpacking in the wilderness. It’s an incredible experience, one of the most enjoyable things you can do, even as it can be one of the most unpleasant.

But there’s an amazing feeling you get from pushing through, finding strength you didn’t know you had within you. Because when you’re out there, like really, really, out there—you have no choice. There’s no easy way out, no way to call for help, no giving up.

root and branch volumes by pink pitcher

Summit” is something of a departure from Root & Branch, your webcomic! Can you tell readers about that series?

Root and Branch is an epic fantasy adventure following two (or more?) very different elves from very different backgrounds on their way to find the Great Tree.

It’s set in a vibrant world based on Medieval Europe, with elven cultures that call back to prehistoric times. It has lots of drama, comedy, action, and the writer inflicting trauma upon her characters.

How is Root & Branch going? How many printed volumes, and how many pages, are there in the series now?

Right now we’re in the middle of Book Six, more than 800 pages in, and I expect it to be about 13 volumes when it’s done!

pages from summit by pink pitcher
Original watercolor pages from “Summit” by Pink Pitcher

Who are the creative heroes that keep you making comics?

The magic of the internet means that I keep myself going by looking to my peers for inspiration! I’ve found a wonderful community of webcomic makers who are constantly helping each other, hyping ourselves up, and telling amazing stories.

I’m a member of the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective, which is full of supportive creators who are a resource and network all in one.

You are a highly accomplished creator outside of comics, as well. Tell us about some of your other creative pursuits!

I have a background in textile history and textile arts, so I generally make all my clothing, and spin and dye yarn as my side-side-gig. I really love playing with new skills. My latest craze is basket weaving, which has one nice feature—I don’t need to actually buy any stuff for it!

Panels from “Summit” by Pink Pitcher

How do you think all these different mediums support each other in your life?

My interest in textiles, and domestic history in general, has made it easy to infuse my fantasy world with believable (and unbelievable, but true!) details that make it more immersive.

That said, I have to dial it back sometimes, as people in the medieval world actually had far more decoration on their everyday clothing, and other objects, than we often expect, and that’s a LOT of work to draw in a comic.

What’s coming next from Pink Pitcher?

Besides 1000+ more pages of Root & Branch?

I have a short side comic I made in the world of Root & Branch that I’d like to color and print, and I considered making an in-world recipe zine to go with it. That will involve testing some recipes, like the hazelnut torte with skyr and berries…oh darn.

Where can our readers find you online?

www.RootandBranchComic.com is my main site!

Here’s an extra bonus! Pink Pitcher is selling her original watercolor pages! You can access them on our BackerKit preorder store after the Destinations Kickstarter ends! Stay tuned for the link to grab yours!

Get “Summit” in the Destinations Anthology!

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