Mr. Guy Is Back from the Undead!

Mr. Guy was just your average half-goblin, half-fool who took odd jobs to pay the bills. But then he got bit by some decomposing jerk! Instead of coming back from the dead, though, he was cursed with a sassy spectral sidekick living in his bite wound until he dies…It’s not a great arrangement, TBH.

Now, to save himself, this half-goblin halfwit’s gotta save the whole dang world…And you can watch him do it!

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter #1-2, A Fantasy Zombie Comedy Comic is live now on Kickstarter!

Act 1: To Save Himself

In Act 1: To Save Himself—the original zom-com caper—our reluctant hero gets infected with the ZMB virus. His new sidekick, the floating skull named Spooky, helped him run for his life…er…fight ferociously against a horde of horrifying, hungry shamblers, a be-dead-ed barkeep, and even an unholy cow! 

Written by Jayel DracoAct 1 features cover art by Sonne, and eight-page chapters illustrated by Jayel Draco (PACKTracy Queen), Walter Ostlie (Metalshark BroGhost Bats), Diana Camero (Guts), and Jacey Chase (Far AwayJunction). 

Act 2: The Hecking Heck of It

Now, in Act 2: The Hecking Heck of It, Mr. Guy and Spooky—who comes with neato powers—must face all the hecks in Heck with Dante, a doom swamp, a crankypants orisha, Elder Gods, a seriously gnarly necromancer, and even the Dark Lord’s darkest hole! Even worse, they have to spend another whole act together as they try to cure the zombie apocalypse and break the curse that binds them together.

Written by Jayel Draco, Act 2 features cover art by stevieraedrawn (Weatherwax Coven), and eight-page chapters illustrated by James GroelingDaniel Hooker (Line of RuinHit!), Michel Abstracto (Tales of IntoxicaTarMucks: Origins), and Wren Rios…plus a stretch-goal bonus comic illustrated by “Skooba” Steve Myers (Battle for OzellbergThe Zaidura Chronicles)!

Introducing “Castle BigMart”

Plus, Act 2 includes a never-before-seen 8-page comic set in the world of Mr. Guy. “Castle BigMart” was written by Jayel Draco, penciled and inked by “Skooba” Steve Myers, and colored by Whitney Cook!

Two Acts, One Campaign

In these first two issues of the series, both available from the Kickstarter campaign, readers will be treated to:

  • 108 gorgeous, full-color pages
  • Writing by Oneshi Press’s own Jayel Draco
  • 8-page illustrated chapters from nine different artistic teams
  • Stunning cover art and guest art in each issue
  • Art prints, stickers, and postcards
  • Mr. Guy minifigs!
  • Multicolor, light-up, laser-etched Spooky signs
  • Free comics from other creators
  • Lots of aspics. (Don’t worry, we’ll cover that in the book.)
  • One tree planted for every backer via an official partnership with OneTreePlanted.org!

For fans of The Evil DeadShaun of the Dead, and ZombielandMr. Guy: Zombie Hunter #1-2 is live now through October 6.

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