Meet Dwayne—the Boulder from Beyond!

A woman in a baseball cap and hoodie reaches out to a huge rock, backlit by a window. Text reads "Dwayne" with the URL kickstarter.oneshipress.com

A Rock Named Dwayne

Oneshi Press is thrilled to announce the launch of our first surrealist fiction novella—”Dwayne“!

This is the story of a woman’s life being upended by the sudden appearance of a 15-ton boulder in her living room.

Unable to have it removed immediately, she’s forced into an uneasy truce with the monolith she starts calling Dwayne. Surprisingly enough, his presence launches her to fame, friends, and a brand-new romance.

But then, her new roommate begins to follow her from room to room…

A paperback copy of Dwayne on a table with a Farm State Mutual button, a cup of TarMucks coffee, a pen and notebook, and a laptop.

Live on Kickstarter!

“Dwayne” was written by our co-founder and editor-in-chief, Lynsey G (Tracy Queen, PACK, Watching P(o)rn). The book features cover art and chapter-opener illustrations by Jayel Draco (Children of Gaia, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, Tracy Queen).

The surreal tale is sure will please readers of Kafka, Vonnegut, and Keret with its mix of surrealism, absurdism, slice-of-life realism, and horror. For a taste of the action, watching Lynsey G read from the story here.

The Kickstarter campaign starts today and runs until February 22. Preorders will fund the creation of an e-book, a trade paperback, and an audiobook (narrated by Lynsey G). Rewards include all versions of the 70-page book, past titles by Lynsey G, art prints, and more. Stretch goals include audiobook sound-scaping by David Gueringer of Next Arc Studios.

Help “Dwayne” have a fantastic first day! Back now!

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