Angela Oddling on “I Can’t Wait”

“I Can’t Wait,” a 4-page comic by Russell Nohelty and Angela Oddling appearing in the Becoming Anthology, reminds us that humans aren’t the only ones who live in the “what if” and the “I wish” more than the “right now.” We talked to Angela Oddling about falling in love with comics, oatmeal, mindfulness, and more.

angela oddling self portrait i can't wait
A self-portrait of Angela Oddling

Tell our readers about yourself, Angela!

Hello! I am a self-taught artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I actually started out as an acrylic painter before ever dabbling in the comics world. At first, I was creating paintings of creatures called Oddlings (which is now my name!) and posting them online. Through social media, I ended up meeting Russell who invited me to do some pin-up illustrations for some of his comics, and from there I started becoming more involved in the comics community. I fell completely in love with comics and started making my own, and now I can’t get enough!

“I Can’t Wait,” the short comic you created with writer Russell Nohelty for the Becoming Anthology, is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Can you tell us how you came to work on the project?

I’ve known Russell as a friend for a while now and I think it’s safe to say that we both experience a lot of “wishing.” Whether we’re wishing we did something differently, or wishing we’d see the results sooner for something. And with that being said, we both are always learning from this and I’ve seen us both sort of learn to live more in the moment as we both grow as people. A lot of the time our styles are very different (my art and his words), but in this instance I think it was the perfect combination!

How did you decide on a design and aesthetic for “I Can’t Wait”?

“I Can’t Wait” is very emotional, so I wanted the art to be kind of like a cushion for that. So I made sure everything was very soft and cozy.

Who are your art heroes?

I have so many! But I think I get most of my comics inspiration from Zac Gorman and Tove Jansson.

What comic book character do you identify most with, and why?

Snufkin from the Moomin books! I’m not so much a traveler like he is, but I feel that I find my home more so with the people that I’m with than the places that I am.

"I Can't Wait" panel cookies frog by Angela Oddling
A panel from “I Can’t Wait” by Angela Oddling and Russell Nohelty. It appears in the Becoming Anthology.
angela oddling work
An image from “Detached,” a webcomic by Angela Oddling

What are you currently reading, listening to, and/or watching?

I’m currently reading Bug Boys by Laura Knetzger (which is wholesome and wonderful!). I have a big old Spotify playlist, but you can always find me listening to my favorite band The Scary Jokes. And I’m watching Summer Camp Island!

What does the world need that comics, or art more generally, can provide?

I look at art as a sort of hand extended out in kindness. I think a lot of us go through so much of our lives thinking that we are alone in our feelings or that no one understands or is willing to try to understand. Art is like a way for people to say “Hey, I’m feeling this too. You don’t have to do this alone.”

We’ve heard that you’re on a quest to find the world’s coolest oatmeal, and we have questions.

I HAVE YET TO FIND THE WORLD’S COOLEST OATMEAL!!! I am forever searching. Oatmeal is my favorite food of all time! So many varieties and genres!!!

Right now, my favorite oatmeal is actually a recipe passed down from one of my best friend’s mother. She calls it “baby mortar” because it’s super thick and she used to feed it to my friend when she was a baby. Basically it’s just oatmeal, apple sauce, and peanut butter! I add a little milk in there, because I like my oatmeal a little more milky. So for now that’s at the top of the list, but it is ever changing!

"i can't wait" panel by angela oddling frog retire
A panel from “I Can’t Wait” by Angela Oddling and Russell Nohelty. It’s part of the Becoming Anthology.
worst grade by angela oddling
The cover of “The Worst Grade” by Angela Oddling

Are you working on anything new that our readers can keep their eyes on?

I have a few secret projects in the works, but I’ve been collaborating with a group of super amazing artists to create original animations. The group is called Sketchbrew, and we’re going to be putting out an adorable animation called “The Station Master’s Cat” around the end of the year! I’m also always updating my webcomic, Detached, online AND I’m in the process of putting together an autobio comic called Worst Grade about the weird stuff I did as a kid that still haunts me to this day.

Where can our readers find you online?

Come say hi to me!


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