The Tracy Queen Kickstarter Is LIVE!

tracy queen kickstarter banner

We. Are. FREAKING OUT! The Kickstarter to fund Volume 1 of our epic, feminist, pulp-sci-fi, sex-positive, amazing graphic novel, Tracy Queen, has launched!

We believe that the message of Tracy Queen—that there’s no “right” way to be an empowered, sex-positive, feminist love warrior, and that we should all try by being our best selves—is an important one. We think the art by Jayel Draco is stunningly gorgeous. And we think that the writing by Lynsey G. is poignant, funny, and important. We’re convinced that the cover art by stevieraedrawn, guest art by a host of amazing indie artists, and other extras in the book will make hearts flutter. And we really, really think that this graphic novel is worth all the help it can get!

We’re raising funds to pay the writer, artist, flatter, letterer, and cover artist behind this amazing, beautiful, important project. Plus enough to print this 60-page graphic novel (the first of seven). And enough to pay for shipping out a boatload of hella-cool rewards to all the amazing folks who help us reach our goal! Rewards like copies of the book, gorgeous art prints, high-quality stickers, original sketches, original penciled pages from the book, and more!

So hey! You there! Yes, you! Go check out the Kickstarter campaign! Share it with your friends and family! Talk about it at work (trust us, sex-positive feminist comics are way more interesting than whatever you usually say around the water cooler). Shout it from the rooftops! Blog about it! Interview Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco on your podcast! Do whatever you can to let everybody know that Tracy Queen is coming…and she’s going to rock your world.

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